Pronunciation of Command
/kəmˈand/, /kəmˈand/, /k_ə_m_ˈa_n_d/

Antonyms for command:

cancel, ask, lawlessness, request, disallow.

Synonyms for command:

Sense 1

ethernet, set-back, come in at, firing squad, special operations, push around, military service, ground forces, vanguard, say-so, LLC, garrison, warlord, regulate, the National Guard, moralize, telecomputing, infantry, imposition, client-server, unicast, exaction, watch over, directive, tell, the USAF, expertness, adeptness, artillery, network administrator, monarchy, the military, mp, air power, the Royal Marines, depute, node, peer-to-peer, server, expeditionary force, file server, prescribe, sermonize, commander in chief, standing army, hold office, the Coast Guard, local area network, headship, timesharing, the Marines, tower above, navy, C-IN-C, preside over, wield, networking, platoon, circumstances, task force, naval, superserver, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, intranet, file-sharing, paratroops, the armed forces, the Territorial Army, ordnance, battalion, the USN, guard, the RN, sea power, impose, troop, expertise, brigade, squadron, USS, guard of honour, the RAF, militia, the ROTC, air force, honor guard, squad, summon, colocation, advance guard, end system, corps, the Foreign Legion, account name, lan, scouting party, Edi, general staff, rearguard, the Royal Navy, connect up, the Marine Corps, Extranet, Rapid Reaction Force, military police, the SAS, legionary, contingent, order around.

Sense 2

dictate, post, know-how, skill, transfer, oblige, task, detachment, enjoy, wish, dispense, bring, keep down, army, host, proficiency, craft, tax with, chair, instruct, fleet, urge, sanction, insist, look after, picket, reserve, military intelligence, legion, airborne, lay down, determine, company, delegate, cavalry.

Sense 3

guide, captain, knack, net, boast, front, division, gateway, technique, network.

Sense 4

call, set down, let, ability, dominion, keep.

Sense 5

possess, have, line.

Sense 6

subdue, art, cost.

Sense 7

work out, buy, run.

Sense 8

word, say, service.

Sense 15


Sense 28



whip hand.


lord it over.




tower above.






lay down.






citation, subpoena.

Sense 2 (noun)

headship, dominion, superintendence, supervision, jurisdiction.

Sense 3 (noun)

expertise, ability, run, watch over, look after.

Sense 4 (noun)

company, regiment, vanguard, post, army, contingent, division, platoon, corps, brigade, cavalry, garrison, battalion, squad, advance guard, detachment.

Sense 5 (noun)

airborne, the Coast Guard, tell, instruct, the armed forces, enjoin, air power, C-IN-C, air force.

Sense 6 (noun)

enjoy, boast, possess, have.

Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

view, tower above.

Sense 9 (noun)

tax with, push around, order around.

Sense 10 (noun)

cost, buy, set-back, come in at, work out.

authority (noun)

jurisdiction, might, mandate, kingship, faculty, rank, stature, punch, credential, puissance, powerfulness, license, cogency, precedence, authority, purview, Prepotency, title, birthright, primacy, seniority, force, steam, empowerment, charge, right, potency, commission, privilege, strength, clout, mastery, prestige, superiority, office, prerogative, scepter, enfranchisement, entitlement, mightiness, sovereignty.

command (noun)

dominate, instruction, compel, reign, statement, law, bidding, overlook, grip, control, coordination, supremacy, mastery, prowess, dictation, will, program line, hold, bid, require, overtop, grasp.

control (noun)

domination, administration (of an estate), leadership, helm, oversight, government, direction, management, conn.

direction (noun)


directive, instruction (noun)

exaction, requisition, dictate, injunction, bidding, citation, ordinance, subpoena, will, dictation, commandment, edict, rule, writ, demand, charge, behest, fiat, direction, regulation, call, imposition, word, summons, law, mandate, decree, order, canon, enactment.

influence (noun)

motivation, importance, pull, predominance.

knowledge (noun)


power (noun)

vigor, competence, energy.

restraint (noun)


rule, power (noun)

government, skill, right, domination, authority, might, hold, jurisdiction, expertise, expertness, grip, sovereignty, prerogative, control, supremacy, management, primacy, sway, leadership, ability, grasp, dominion, know-how, supervision, restraint.

say-so (noun)


supremacy (noun)

dominance, preponderance.

command (verb)


communication (verb)


control (verb)

execute, superintend, harness, supervise, dominate, oversee, manage, control, pilot, administer, govern, mastership, lead, discipline, rule, order, steer, bridle, preside, direct.

demand (verb)

enjoin, direct, compel, set, check, authorize, bid, task, require, tell, summon, oblige, impose, call for, instruct.

direct (verb)

conduct, boss, master, lord.

dominate (verb)

overcome, win, succeed, prevail, subordinate, surmount, triumph, conquer, oppress, better, vanquish.

empower (verb)

enforce, energize, rouse, strengthen, invigorate.

influence (verb)

empower, sway, power, influence, motivate, predominate, prejudice, authorize, bias, affect, pressure.

master (verb)


order (verb)

fiat, enjoin, writ, pull rank, requisition.

Usage examples for command:

  • " Mr. Kincaide, I'm leaving you in command. - "The Death-Traps of FX-31", Sewell Peaslee Wright.
  • Suddenly there was a loud command. - "Pinocchio in Africa", Cherubini.
  • Next day the command started. - "The Adventures of Buffalo Bill", Col. William F. Cody.

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