Pronunciation of Claim
/klˈe͡ɪm/, /klˈe‍ɪm/, /k_l_ˈeɪ_m/

Antonyms for claim:

desert, deny, forsake, quit, disclaim, repudiate, reject, abandon.

Synonyms for claim:

Sense 1

statute, statute of limitations, case law, exclusion zone, appeal, asseveration, common-law, Dibs, prohibition, dry land, civil law, sue, the judicature, bylaw, Lowlands, criminal law, double jeopardy, territory, stand-down, send away for, terrain, conservancy, lot, beg, open space, go before, power of attorney, environs, send for, curfew, flatland, witness to, lien, the wild, litigate, hit up, order out, corridor, loophole, panhandle, invoice, solicit, enterprise zone, nonappearance, send out for, footprint, rider, parcel, scenery, nickel-and-dime, civil rights, ask for, roman law, debt, level at, wilderness, arraign, argue, insist on something, swear in, legislation, put in for, jurisdiction, vacant lot, cry out for, turf, hear, come before, space, legal system, averment, terra firma, cyberlaw, sponge off, hit for, civil liberties, penal code, file for, stick on, declaration, permafrost, statute law, litigious, proceed against, beseech, IPR, the Open, cross examine, wasteland, invite, call-in, order in, wilderness area, arrears, invalidity, belt, conscience clause, right of way, feeding ground, Megan's Law, defend, urban enterprise zone, try, cadge, the Freedom of Information Act, dismiss, acreage, executive order.

Sense 2

jurisprudence, law, reorder, public property, bring before, requisition, dead letter, prosecute, summon, contention, requirement, landscape, case, plot, ordinance, justice, apportion, clause, court-martial, subpoena, necessity, remit, border, enclosure, assertion, allegation, crave, bum, uphold, instruct, option, property, ground, overturn, sworn, technicality, provision, request, bill, third party, remand, retry.

Sense 3

domain, avow, stake, action, dish out, allow, exaction, come up, competent, walk, examine, proposition, appear.

Sense 4

get off, write off, portion, statement, judge.

Sense 5

depend on, insist, act, move.

Sense 6


Sense 7

vindicate, want.

Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 11





put in for.






lay claim.





Sense 3 (noun)

acreage, dry land, domain, belt, border, corridor, conservancy, vindicate, enclosure.

Sense 4 (noun)

act, civil law, case law, argue, avow, bylaw, bill, civil liberties, civil rights.

Sense 6 (noun)

contention, counterclaim, interest, beg, ask for, allegation, stake, declaration, profession, requirement, protestation, right, order, invite, ultimatum, insist on something, assertion, case, appeal.

Sense 8 (noun)

apportion, level at, dish out, stick on, charge.

Sense 10 (noun)

carry off.

Sense 12 (noun)

cry out for, want, depend on.

acquisition (noun)

accumulation, collection, assumption, acquisition, addition, appropriation, annexation, procurement, gain.

action (noun)


appeal (noun)


attribute (noun)


claim (noun)

exact, arrogate, title, take, lay claim, call.

debt (noun)


demand (noun)

counterclaim, profession, interest, stake, ultimatum, contention, request, allegation, requisition, case, right, appeal, assertion, protestation, declaration, requirement.

possession (noun)


pretension (noun)

fakery, front, device, mannerism, affectation, facade, impersonation, ostentation, artificiality, pretension, forgery, deceit, charade, fraud, gimmick, imposture, imitation, air, pretense, falseness, guise.

pretext (noun)

reason, justification, white lie, affirmation, rationale, alibi, red herring, plea, pretext, loop-hole, smoke screen, stratagem, excuse.

property, right demanded or reserved (noun)

interest, request, call, Dibs, assertion, affirmation, pretension, pretense, privilege, declaration, title, prerogative, protestation, requisition, plea, case, allegation, requirement, demand, petition, lien, ultimatum, profession, counterclaim.

requirement (noun)


acquire (verb)

acquire, fetch, net, harvest, heap, get, secure, bag, receive, retrieve, wrangle, accumulate, win, procure, incur, catch, take, obtain, collect, amass, corner, annex, score, palm, pocket, lure, reap, assume, buy, add, capture, land, purchase, garner.

affirm (verb)

acknowledge, contend, profess, endorse, express, declare, testify, assert, submit, support, warrant, accept, verify, ratify, maintain, aver, validate, promise, avouch, admit, certify, affirm, sustain, pronounce, propound, proclaim, state, approve, assure, adjure, attest, pledge, set down, corroborate.

communication (verb)


petition (verb)

bid, petition, aspire, seek, hope, compete, apply.

possess (verb)

have, possess, monopolize, own, hold.

pretend (verb)

cover, bluff, deceive, disguise, affect, masquerade, pose, imitate, falsify, pretend, counterfeit, forge, impersonate, defraud, stage, fake, show.

Usage examples for claim:

  • To claim his son. - "The Tides of Barnegat", F. Hopkinson Smith.
  • From day to day they come nearer to- they claim more of- our Old Pomerania. - "The New Germany", George Young.
  • Are you wanting to lay claim to the girl? - "Charles Rex", Ethel M. Dell.

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