Antonyms for discipline:

unconstraint, indiscipline, undiscipline, uninhibitedness.

Synonyms for discipline:

Sense 1

speciality, self-discipline, temperance, workout, stiff upper lip, commute, specialization, willpower, shtick, deal out, self-restraint, self-censorship, specialism, hand down, hand out, dock.

Sense 2

effort, dignity, pressure, restraint.

Sense 3

harden, branch, practice, slap.

Sense 4

specialty, scene, territory.

Sense 9

get together.

Sense 10


















Other synonyms and related words:

groom, go over, practice, restraint, depicted object, field of battle, field of force, department, rectify, domain, correspond, ensure, fit, turn back, reserve, check into, theme, watch, chastening, ascertain, field, theatre, specify, initiate, civilise, temperance, branch, rectification, gibe, school, precinct, self-government, illuminate, line, athletic field, development, check up on, arrest, find out, clear, self-control, fief, instruction, see to it, nemesis, specialization, self-restraint, prepare, report, arena, stop, indoctrinate, field of study, see, insure, mortification, case, redress, bailiwick, theatre of operations, orbit, check over, aim, delay, checker, constraint, terrain, field of view, hold in, self-command, battlefield, sort out, mark, shed light on, agree, mortify, branch of knowledge, stipulate, airfield, take, instruct, enlighten, Suss Out, crystallise, learn, regimentation, curb, field of operation, kingdom, playing area, willpower, subject field, commute, tally, moderate, mark off, scene, harden, qualify, cogitation, tutor, contain, take aim, walk, work, train, look into, specialty, playing field, training, theater, champaign, issue, education, fiefdom, comeuppance, adjust, shtick, crystalise, set, realm, cultivate, effort, demesne, learning, trail, landing field, battleground, elucidate, sphere, sketch, field of operations, speciality, civilize, study, assort, territory, flying field, line of business, theater of operations, clear up, check, teach, area, survey, province, content, compensate, subject, determine, guinea pig, matter, coach, continence, workout, dock, break, subdue, information, condition, inculcate, check off, tick off, slap, suppression, classify, straighten out, force field, schooling, assure, self-discipline, develop, educate, instill, repression, crystallize, subject area, check out, fudge factor, pressure.

Sense 1 (noun)

self-control, self-restraint, restraint, hand down, deal out.

Sense 2 (noun)

regimentation, development, training.

Sense 4 (noun)

specialty, branch.

Sense 5 (noun)

self-discipline, constraint, temperance, stiff upper lip, willpower, self-censorship, dignity.

act (noun)


cognition (noun)

field of study, bailiwick, subject, study, subject area, subject field, field.

command (noun)

law, prowess, mastery, will, supremacy, power, reign, coordination, commission, charge, sovereignty, mandate, sway, hold, authority, grip, grasp.

control (noun)

government, direction, administration (of an estate), domination, management, conn, helm, leadership, oversight.

discipline (noun)

field, correct, condition, check, branch of knowledge, correction, subject area, bailiwick, train, study, subject, field of study, sort out, subject field.

education (noun)


field of study; subject of interest (noun)

branch of knowledge, area, course, specialty.

instruction (noun)


method (noun)

process, program, procedure, mechanism, course, schema, approach, method, technique, scheme, trajectory, way, system, tactic, manner.

penalty (noun)

deduction, forfeiture, retribution, judgment, punishment, premium, encumbrance, abatement, correction, chastisement, penalty.

preparation (noun)


punishment (noun)

crucifixion, payment, imprisonment, verdict, reprisal, incarceration, persecution, chastisement, castigation, agony, price, execution, revenge, correction, affliction, confinement, comeuppance.

regimen, training (noun)

restraint, method, education, development, curb, practice, strictness, control, willpower, self-government, self-restraint, self-command, self-control, will.

school (noun)


self-control (noun)

self-government, self-discipline.

severity (noun)

starkness, crispness, intensity, gruffness, sternness, leanness, matter-of-factness, causticity, coolness, authoritarianism, preciseness, acuteness, frostiness, harshness, austerity, abruptness, sharpness, stringency, keenness, brusqueness, bleakness, acerbity, astringency, briskness, grimness, severity, chilliness, strictness, dryness, bluntness, rigorousness, oppressiveness, meticulousness, correctness.

command (verb)

master, coordinate.

control (verb)

harness, govern, bridle, direct, command, steer, administer, execute, superintend, rule, preside, control, lead, oversee, dominate, manage, pilot, supervise, order.

penalize (verb)

drawback, encumber, discount, correct, burden, fine, abate, deduct, penalize, forfeit, punish, Retribute, handicap, judge, chastise.

punish (verb)

distress, crucify, agonize, castigate, anguish, torture, afflict, confine, try, sentence, reprise, avenge, imprison, persecute, chasten, incarcerate, pillory, Keelhaul, lambaste.

shame (verb)


social (verb)

correct, sort out, condition, train, check.

Usage examples for discipline:

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