Synonyms for retribution:

Sense 1

comeuppance, counterattack, tit for tat.

Sense 2


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Other synonyms and related words:

deserts, comeuppance, payback, requital, counterattack, pain.

atonement (noun)

rectification, amends, restitution, atonement, redress, penance, redemption, appeasement, Recompensation, satisfaction, reparation, compensation.

payback for another's action (noun)

vengeance, punishment, comeuppance, revenge, repayment, retaliation, reprisal, compensation, reckoning, counterblow, reward, requital, satisfaction, redress.

payment (noun)

payroll, expenditure, settlement, repayment, salary, discharge, fee, reckoning, remuneration, bankroll, refund, disbursement, wage, wages, installment, reward, incentive, reimbursement.

penalty (noun)

discount, abatement, drawback, penalty, encumbrance, handicap, chastisement, deduction, fine, discipline, judgment, correction, forfeiture, punishment, burden, premium.

punishment (noun)

execution, castigation, sentence, price, revenge, anguish, confinement, imprisonment, persecution, affliction, incarceration, agony, torture, verdict, distress, reprisal, crucifixion, payment.

retaliation (noun)

response, retort, reciprocation, vengeance, counterblow, return, exchange, countercharge, retaliation, counteraction.

retribution (noun)

vengeance, requital.

revenge (noun)

requital, reprisal.

revenge (verb)

vendetta, comeback.

Usage examples for retribution:

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