Pronunciation of Ban
/bˈan/, /bˈan/, /b_ˈa_n/

Antonyms for ban:

include, allow, allowance, sanction, permit, admit, permission.

Synonyms for ban:

Sense 1 (noun)

clamp down.

Sense 3 (noun)

hush, stifle.

anathema (noun)

imprecation, malediction.

ban (noun)

forbiddance, forbidding, proscription, prohibition, ostracize, shun, censor, banning, bachelor of arts in nursing, interdiction, banish, blackball, ostracise, cast out.

command (noun)


communication (noun)

prohibition, proscription.

exclusion (noun)

ejection, elimination, ostracism, exclusion, amputation, renouncement, deportation, proscription, excision, repudiation, denial, Disallowance, abscission, removal, banishment, boycott, excommunication, extradition, relegation, rejection, disbarment, prohibition, eradication, expatriation, forbiddance, exile.

interdiction (noun)

embargo, taboo.

malediction (noun)


official forbiddance (noun)

injunction, proscription, taboo, refusal, embargo, restriction, boycott, suppression, prohibition, interdiction.

prohibition (noun)

disapproval, prevention, curtailment, preclusion, restriction, refusal, restraint, injunction, constraint, inhibition, suppression, blockade.

refusal (noun)

nonacceptance, forbiddance, renouncement, refusal.

restraint (noun)


dissuade (verb)

bar, chill, admonish, dampen, deter, discourage, daunt, check, disincline, derail, prevent, inhibit, deflect, intimidate, restrain, avert, divert, dishearten, dissuade, depress.

exclude (verb)

disqualify, oust, repudiate, exclude, reject, disbar, evict, eradicate, excommunicate, extradite, banish, proscribe, eject, ostracize, prohibit, expatriate, forbid, disallow, eliminate, amputate, remove, renounce, blacklist, expel, excise, deport, ignore, deny, relegate, blackball.

officially forbid (verb)

suppress, exclude, curse, proscribe, disallow, inhibit, outlaw, prohibit, blackball, prevent, restrict, banish, bar, enjoin, interdict, shut out.

prohibit (verb)

curb, outlaw, control, oppress, restrict, preclude, refuse, disapprove, constrain, curtail, suppress, block.

social (verb)


Sense 1

command, clamp down, rebuttal, turn away, announcement, embargo, nonacceptance, strike off.

Sense 2

brook, objection, withdraw, interdict, silence.

Sense 3

enjoin, revolt, dismissal.

Sense 4

challenge, hush, cut out, debar, stifle.

Sense 5







drive out.




bar, prohibit.

Other synonyms and related words:

oath, cast away, put away, damnation, taboo, adjuration, shun, drive out, toss, revolt, reprobation, strike off, banning, swearing, curse, anathema, imprecation, dismiss, forbidding, stifle, toss out, nonacceptance, dispose, interdict, objection, affidavit, Winze, Malison, censor, debar, command, hush, enjoin, malediction, denunciation, throw away, cast aside, withdraw, shut out, resistance, ostracise, blasphemy, cast out, interdiction, toss away, embargo, throw out, negative, rebuttal, bachelor of arts in nursing, discard, veto, execration, eschew, dismissal, fling, chuck out.

Usage examples for ban:

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