Pronunciation of Bond
/bˈɒnd/, /bˈɒnd/, /b_ˈɒ_n_d/

Synonyms for bond:

Sense 1

formulate, subpoena, testament, chain reaction, fellowship, tracker fund, nest egg, saturation point, adsorb, covalent bond, capital-intensive, petition, service contract, filtration, partiality, chemistry, kitty, baby talk, crib death, war chest, uptake, coffer, precipitation, precipitate, escape clause, white knight, limited liability, slush fund, photosynthesis, oxidize, ionic bond, short selling, electrolysis, funding, independent means, cot death, balanced equation, titration, bottle-feed, saturate, leaning, ionize, Reinvest, fund manager, equity capital, behavior, trust fund, proviso, sedimentation, means, patent, handcuff, breastfeed, mutual fund, nexus, stake, assay, saturation, double bond, Wet nurse, oxidation, wean, appropriation, swaddle, private income, dehydration, preservation, restraining order, giveback, debenture, ferment, inward investment, summons, codicil, leach, Paternity Leave, disposable income, disinvestment, spending, treasury bill, chemical engineering, simple interest, cleave to, catalyze, diaper rash, rebate, friendship, lump sum, litmus test, glom onto, unearned income, aerate, venture capital, burp, contrarian, investor, preference, calcify, crystallize, tape, neutralize, sinking fund, penchant, Divestment, suckle, friendly society, pump priming, living will, earnings per share, sponsorship, private equity, seed money, postnatal, private means, affidavit, out-of-pocket expenses, liking, chemical reaction, hedge fund, criminal record, blood money, baby milk, feeding, affection, oxygenate, neonatal, bailout, investment trust, waiver, refinement, escrow, hydrolysis, predilection, Gyve, the carbon cycle, gilt-edged, earnest money, junk bond.

Sense 2

disbursement, derive, equation, refund, cash flow, manacle, public ownership, contribution, pay out, rollover, behave, firepower, react, gum up, synthesis, section, pocketbook, bridge, maturity, guaranty, equilibrium, synthesize, overspend, sacrament, future, distill, food chain, prospectus, dehydrate, entitlement, receipt, offshore, derivative, will, annuity, investment, deed, amount, expenditure, production.

Sense 3

yoke, margin, fetter, taste, fund, surplus, bounty, sum, reaction, gum, treasury, intake, pocket, performance, process, level, fancy, budget, cohesion, gate, formula.

Sense 4

reward, term, trust, share, figure, stain, nurse, article, portfolio.

Sense 5

extract, brief, wind, hobble.

Sense 6

credit, position, convention.

Sense 7

mature, return, feed, restraint, put down.

Sense 8


Sense 9

cut, double, action.

Sense 15





trading stamp.




stay put, wedge.



Other synonyms and related words:

derivative, performance, alignment, contrarian, means, adhesiveness, impound, preference, bailout, spending, oblige, section, formula, Gyve, handcuff, synthesize, sum, breastfeed, appropriation, oxidize, enslaved, investment, stick by, petition, reaction, coffer, hobble, feeding, coalition, James Bond, yoke, surplus, neutralize, order, sacrament, restraint, liking, commune, bond paper, trammel net, entitlement, share, support, testament, constipate, confiscate, rebate, partiality, pocket, fetter, bail, suckle, guaranty, electrolysis, alinement, precipitation, burp, gum, maturity, escrow, extract, treasury, bounty, sting, saturation, in bondage, bring together, codicil, stake, figure, adsorb, stupefy, deed, double, brief, wedge, action, sponsorship, contribution, bandage, firepower, commitment, sedimentation, friendship, cleave, hold, pose, loyalty, prospectus, surety, tape, cohesion, behave, draw together, postnatal, process, waiver, manacle, ligature, bewilder, future, fancy, vex, annuity, hamper, debenture, investor, link up, subpoena, tie down, crystallize, predilection, Julian Bond, confederation, return, derive, bail bond, bridge, ferment, convention, will, chemical bond, befriend, trust, adhesion, enthralled, bond certificate, affidavit, feed, nexus, seize, trammels, hold fast, leaning, dumbfound, saturate, fond regard, trammel, obligate, follow, tie up, shackle, offshore, stick with, draw, Reinvest, truss, stick to, bottle-feed, cohere, summons, capital-intensive, preservation, rollover, credit, nurse.

Sense 1 (noun)

behave, balanced equation, the carbon cycle, behavior, adsorb, calcify, aerate, action, assay.

Sense 2 (noun)

restraint, friendship, cleave to, tape.

Sense 4 (noun)

fetter, hobble, leaning, affection, predilection, handcuff, liking, Gyve, taste, manacle, preference, penchant.

Sense 5 (noun)

brief, article, ligature, criminal record, affidavit, yoke, codicil, nexus.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

blood money, appropriation, cash flow, budget, amount, bailout, bounty, cohesion.

Sense 8 (noun)

contrarian, derivative, annuity, debenture, capital-intensive.

Sense 9 (noun)

befriend, click.

adhesion (noun)


agreement (noun)

assent, promise, treaty, acquiescence, settlement, understanding, compact, accession, accordance, acceptance, consent, concurrence, pledge, pact, consensus, concordance, empathy, covenant, unanimity, deal, contract, capitulation, concord, stipulation, agreement, accord, arrangement.

association, relation (noun)

attachment, affinity, obligation, marriage, affiliation, restraint, friendship, relationship.

bail (noun)

guaranty, surety.

binder or fastener (noun)

link, tie, connection, band, binding, shackle, fastening, ligature, chain, fetter, handcuff, nexus, manacle.

bond (noun)

bring together, hold fast, enslaved, adhesion, trammels, trammel, alliance, bail bond, enthralled, hamper, shackle, bond certificate, attachment, stick to, draw together, bind, bond paper, in bondage, Julian Bond, James Bond, bail, tie, stick, adhere, adherence, adhesiveness, chemical bond, attach.

connection (noun)

association, affinity, link, correlation.

fastener (noun)

clamp, closure, catch, hook, medium, vise, lock, mediator, clinch, clip, cleat, fastener, hasp, anchor, rivet, agent, knitting, hinge, go-between, cincture, buckle, paste, string, rabbet, cinch, cotter, belt, hawser, staple, bolt, chain, Vinculum, button, strap, lace, guy, tie, braid, seal, spike, binding, skewer, clasp, ligament, cement, stitch, nail, band, brace, pin, mucilage, stay, suture, middleman, tack, fuse, glue, brad, grapnel, thread, twine, fastening, snap, connector, weld, binder, zipper, bonding, latch, bracket, knot.

fastening (noun)


guarantee (noun)

assurance, collateral, countersignature, affirmation, security, certification, insurance, word, warranty, lien, token, oath.

guarantee; contract (noun)

convention, pledge, compact, warrant, security, debenture, promise, covenant, word, collateral, pact, guaranty, agreement, warranty.

junction (noun)

annexation, junction, connection, juxtaposition, jointure, branch, attachment, coupling, alliance, merger, affiliation, connectedness, relationship, adherence, juncture, wedding, marriage, affixation, meeting, synergy, consolidation, conjunction, amalgamation, abutment, adjacency.

money (noun)

dough, balance sheet, greenback, treasure, income, wampum, fortune, gold, check, cash, capital, promissory note, bank note, dollar, receipts, pocket money, change, iou, ways and means, proceeds, swag, moolah, note, petty cash, coinage, profit, sterling, assets, scratch, nugget, stock, ingot, net worth, copper, wealth, loot, wad, coupon, wherewithal, bullion, issue, funds, money, money order, purse, gross, bill, spending money, lucre, pounds, worth, silver, wallet, currency, draft, bankroll.

obligation (noun)


paper (noun)

wall paper, parchment, crepe, Note paper, manila, wrapping paper, blotting paper, wax paper, vellum, onionskin, tarpaper, paper, roofing paper, rice paper, tissue, papier-mache, cellophane, carbon paper, cardboard, newsprint, foolscap.

person (noun)

James Bond, Julian Bond.

phenomenon (noun)

chemical bond.

promise (noun)

obligation, engagement, mutual agreement, vow.

promises (noun)


tie (noun)

tie, zipper.

attach (verb)

splice, adhere, affix, stick, hitch, abut, relate, join, cling, fasten, juxtapose, merge, annex, marry, connect, couple, bind, wed, attach.

fasten; stick (verb)

connect, bind, fuse, glue, paste, gum.

guarantee (verb)

countersign, ensure, safeguard, warrant, assure, affirm, certify, vouch, insure, guarantee, secure.

join (verb)

ally, affiliate, consolidate, amalgamate.

Usage examples for bond:

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