Pronunciation of Auxiliary
/ɔːksˈɪli͡əɹɪ/, /ɔːksˈɪli‍əɹɪ/, /ɔː_k_s_ˈɪ_l_iə_ɹ_ɪ/

Antonyms for auxiliary:


Synonyms for auxiliary:

Sense 1

practitioner, contributory, heat-seeking, ex officio, retired, redundant, incumbent, sluggish, inoperative, career woman, holdover, designate, roving, trainee, creative, subjunctive, qualified, full-time, guest worker, part-time, standby, split infinitive, the imperfect, jack of all trades, portfolio worker, breadwinner, the future tense, principal parts, the preterite, self-starter, wage earner, office boy, fail-safe, the perfect tense, the past tense, unwaged, probationary, roustabout, the present perfect, telecommuter, number cruncher, participle, one-man, auxiliary verb, unsophisticated, rainmaker, push button, self-employed, right hand, built, duty officer, verbally, on-off, subcontractor, temporary, knowledge worker, emeritus, the second person, homing, jockey, past participle, device, modal verb, the active, transistorized, indicative, conjugation, programmable, officeholder, hard-wired, pneumatic, freelancer, hydraulic, PRES, souped-up, hands-free, submersible, paid, spring-loaded, labor mobility, the past perfect, the third person, tenured, modal auxiliary, cordless, linking verb, verb, present participle, blue-collar, the passive, apparatchik, tradesman, indentured, user-friendly, temp, Labor-saving, the conditional, wage slave, jobholder, white-collar, gas-fired, team player, phrasal verb, on-board, reciprocal verb, high-performance, private secretary, inflatable, wallah, acting, infinitive, steam, manual, Coadjutant, pump action, the future perfect, jammed, the pluperfect, overmanning, salaryman, journeyman, the perfect, verbal, unfriendly, probationer, working stiff, Rube Goldberg, desk person, floater, voice-activated, itinerant, unprofessional, the present tense, semiprofessional, office girl, employable, copula, commuter.

Sense 2

earner, dodgy, occupant, professionally, unmanned, multiuser, voluntary, designated hitter, unconnected, incompatible, electrical, reliable, the front office, professional, live in, the first person, tool, general, two-way, female, broken, cranky, wireless, manned, analog, motorized, robotic, first generation, entry-level, coadjutor, outgoing, right-handed, automatically.

Sense 3

future, foot, resident, tense, official, wired, casual, male, modal, mechanical, single, portable, plug in, pro, collateral, honorary, master, electric, digital, independent, fill in, mate.

Sense 4

automatic, remote, clever, mood, aspect, V, power.

Sense 5

hack, suit.

Sense 6


Sense 7

relief, off, present.

Sense 8

voice, low, past.

Sense 9


Sense 10

heavy, on.

Sense 11

out, smart.

Sense 12






Other synonyms and related words:

creative, part-time, copula, relief, blue-collar, freelancer, supplement, unsophisticated, two-way, tradesman, inflatable, subsidiary, push button, indicative, steam, remote, breadwinner, cordless, automatically, jobholder, contributory, appurtenant, modal auxiliary, mood, multiuser, hydraulic, conjugation, standby, on-off, motor, white-collar, full-time, redundant, accessary, pneumatic, earner, manned, on, journeyman, broken, coadjutor, probationary, verb, tool, robotic, electric, auxiliary verb, reserve, collateral, trainee, practitioner, casual, single, female, analog, built, subservient, adjutant, roving, temporary, outgoing, occupant, wireless, probationer, roustabout, linking verb, one-man, commuter, low, off, acting, wage earner, Coadjutant, supportive, V, aspect, cranky, plug in, future, emeritus, indirect, adjuvant, verbal, designate, live in, high-performance, apparatchik, supplementary, fail-safe, infinitive, DO, unfriendly, device, jammed, official, itinerant, reliable, dead, automatic, tributary, homing, resident, officeholder, mercenary, participle, clever.

accompanying (adjective)

besides, secondary, ornamental, extra, attached, companion, along with, supplemental, in addition to, affixed, adjoining, Adorning, additional.

additional (adjective)


all (adjective)

supplementary, subsidiary, supplemental.

assisting (adjective)

serving, helpful, helping, Assisting, supporting, Sustaining, Aiding, Cooperating.

relational (adjective)

associated, dependent, adjunct, concomitant, coincident, kindred, ancillary, affiliated, related, consanguine, blood, relevant, pertinent, supplemental, akin, correlative, analogous, connected, attendant, germane.

supplementary (adjective)

appurtenant, ancillary, adjuvant, backup, extra, subservient, contributory, reserve, supplementary, subordinate, secondary, supporting, accessory, subsidiary.

supporting (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

casual, acting, blue-collar, creative, collateral, emeritus, contributory, designate.

Sense 3 (noun)

clever, reserve, broken, automatic, standby, analog, built, automatically, cordless.

Sense 4 (noun)

the first person, the active, the conditional, auxiliary verb, Coadjutant, DO, coadjutor, aspect, copula, conjugation.

accompaniment (noun)

adornment, attachment, appendix, secondary, appendage, companion, appurtenance, addendum, addition, garnish, fixture, accompaniment, extension, consort, brother, ornament.

agent (noun)

go-between, intermediary, actor, impresario, operative, ombudsman, broker, liaison, instrument, vehicle, factor, mediator, executor, agency, middleman.

assistant (noun)

assistant, henchman, attendant, helper, ancillary, minion, extra, follower, proxy, associate, aide, flunky, servant, chaperone, subordinate, accessory, stooge, agent, aide-de-camp, employee, menial, acolyte, accomplice, functionary, laborer, benefactor, patsy, abettor, backer, attorney, second, partner, helpmate, lieutenant, underling, adjunct, junior, deputy, hireling, Aider.

auxiliary (noun)

adjuvant, accessory, secondary, supplemental, aide, ancillary, supplementary, subsidiary, appurtenant, supportive, adjunct.

deputy (noun)

delegate, backup, substitute, token, nominee, understudy, alternate, emissary, mouthpiece, ghost, surrogate, spokesman, representative, spokeswoman, appointee, double, envoy, assignee, arm, dummy, stand in, figurehead.

helper (noun)

accomplice, adjutant, companion, assistant, partner, associate.

inferior (noun)

junior, menial.

person (noun)


roundabout (noun)


servant (noun)

hand, serf, helping hand, chattel, subject, volunteer, help, pawn, aid, vassal, worker, peon.

substitute (noun)


supplementary (noun)


subordinate (verb)

subservient, tributary.

Usage examples for auxiliary:

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