Antonyms for committed:

fancy-free, floating, uncommitted, undecided, unattached.

Synonyms for committed:

Sense 1

efficient, bookish, hard-working, industrious.

Sense 2

studious, wonky, productive, Overworked, bound.


partisan, faithfully, diehard, truehearted, stand up, solid, stalwart, true-blue.


votive, pledged.

Other synonyms and related words:

efficient, attached, solid, sent, bound up, affiliated, sworn, pledged, involved, faithfully, diehard, hard-working, betrothed, bespoken, stalwart, intended, wrapped up, Overworked, bound, affianced, connected.

all (adjective)


dedicated (adjective)

devoted, faithful, bound, pledged, attached.

resolute (adjective)

persevering, implacable, dedicated, diligent, steadfast, tenacious, inexorable, ruthless, uncompromising, unyielding, firm, faithful, constant, tireless, true, persistent, loyal, fearless, deliberate, strong-minded, devoted, tough, serious, unchangeable, hearty, stubborn, earnest, determined, courageous, steady, dauntless, unshakeable, set, steely, bold, spunky, staunch, intent, insistent, dogged, unbending, bullheaded, headstrong, willing, iron-willed, resolute, decided, strong-willed, unwavering, relentless, indefatigable, unflinching, zealous, valiant, resolved, indomitable, stern, decisive, thorough, plucky, reliable.

shipped (adjective)


committed (noun)

pledged, affianced, bound up, intended, involved with, wrapped up, involved, bespoken, sworn, engaged, betrothed, attached.

dedicated (noun)


loyal (noun)

solid, stalwart, diehard.

endeavored (verb)

Approached, Maneuvered, contracted, engaged, exploited, attempted, Volunteered, Undertaken, Proceeded, Ventured, Aimed, Endeavored, Undertook, Performed, Assayed, Acted.

shipped (verb)


wronged (verb)

Infringed, abused, wronged, Encroached, did wrong, Perpetrated, done wrong, Trespassed, maltreated, Transgressed.

Usage examples for committed:

  • " Shall we make Sirona pay, for it because our son has committed a folly for her sake? - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  • Until such a crime is committed, no one would believe it could be committed. - "Revenge!", by Robert Barr.

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