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Sense 1

germinate, loathe, jumper, confinement, invertebrate, rag doll, seem, pachyderm, ipo, amphibian, baby blues, hermaphrodite, insect, detest, gerbil, market capitalization, bird, gestation, miscegenation, capitalization, dislike, partake of, Maternity Leave, marsupial, hand puppet, include, churl, the afterbirth, stock exchange, exude, epidural, biped, piggyback, invent, companion animal, runt, price-earnings ratio, Postnatal Depression, midwife, eclampsia, endangered species, transpire, reptile, the stock market, unborn, forceps, bat, die back, stockholder, LBO, flying fox, pro-life, offer price, childbirth, gray, redemption, rhino, mutant, ectopic, caesarean, mammal, field mouse, surrogacy, anti-choice, serpent, stillbirth, roe deer, childbearing, cesarean, beast of burden, profit taking, fallow deer, fruitbat, belong, crossbreed, midwifery, penny stock, arthropod, abhor, chamois, gastropod, bearish, badger, puppet, vole, bighorn sheep, allergic, golly, vertebrate, big game, animal, bid price, corporate bond, Securities, strain, tapir, rodent, corporate raider, market maker, breech birth, buyout, pregnancy, clone, endow with, fetal, deplore, polar bear, tortoise, amniocentesis, stretch mark, subscribe for, ripen, perinatal, shareholder, crustacean, trimester, leveraged buyout, egg, umbilical cord, quadruped, unit price, bull market, bear market, stockbroker, abominate, TMT, grow in, snake, fetus, ultrasound, share option, DOULA, embryo, ooze, polymorph, Marionette, placenta, bull run, unit trust, surrogate mother, pedigree, pregnancy test, miscarriage, hominid, anteater, brute, despise, birthing, pro-choice, birth certificate, morning sickness, dealing room, civet, wild boar, arachnid, day trading, marten, antenatal, fowl, take against, stock option, black bear, c-section, buyback, natural childbirth, breed, vermin, Postpartum Depression, futures market, glove puppet, parasite, bristle with, rights issue, contraction, teddy, maternity, schlep, prenatal, scorpion, Raggedy Ann, savor of, miscarry, hate, amniotic fluid, golliwog, pack animal, demean, potbellied pig, mollusk, boast, dormouse, broker-dealer, bondholder, hatch, controlling interest, have in for, mother-to-be, bring through, prey, Pre Eclampsia, shadow puppet, management buyout, teddy bear, bring over, embryonic.

Sense 2

jobber, angora, wither, pet, push, vegetate, adult, flotation, lug, underwriter, irredeemable, spread betting, shrivel, cursed, overdue, scrip, primate, prop up, migrant, rate, parent, tend, game, cross, takeover, dolly, flier, stuffed animal, fruit, boar, go off, put forth, produce, guinea pig, trading, raider, bullish, wilt, doll, tote, gray market.

Sense 3

delivery, brace, unlisted, born, equity, bloom, bud, arrive, sport, run-through, press, pod, bring in, sell off, groan, blossom, par, induction, exhibit.

Sense 4

fade, bid, holding, subscription, stray, nourish, hump, due, correction.

Sense 5

market, flower, raid, gain, world, uphold, choke, scan.

Sense 6

term, grow, premium, seed, get in.

Sense 7

pit, display, root, floor, sting, sprout, command, share.

Sense 8

trade, quit, issue, float.

Sense 9

develop, crash.

Sense 10


Sense 12

come up.

Sense 18

open, catch.

Sense 22


Sense 23



put up with, live with.








tote, cart.




bring forth.






take over.




put up.


remain firm.


take in good part, stand.


undergird, support.


turn out.

Sense 1 (noun)

despise, abominate, detest, deplore, loathe, hate, abhor, dislike.

Sense 2 (noun)

sourpuss, grumbler, growler, grouch.

Sense 4 (noun)

arachnid, amphibian, arthropod, animal, biped, big game, adult, beast of burden.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

anti-choice, arrive, the afterbirth, antenatal, amniotic fluid, amniocentesis, baby blues.

Sense 7 (noun)

bat, angora, bighorn sheep, tote, schlep, lug, black bear, badger, anteater.

Sense 8 (noun)

grow in, seem, tend, bristle with, rate.

Sense 10 (noun)

exhibit, display, bear up.

Sense 11 (noun)

be, catch, quit, demean, prop up, brace.

Sense 12 (noun)

shoulder, lift, hump.

Sense 13 (noun)

bud, bloom, choke, fade, die back, come up, climb, bring forth, blossom.

Sense 14 (noun)

produce, feel.

Sense 15 (noun)

hand puppet, doll, press, golliwog, puppet, golly, Marionette, glove puppet, push, dolly, rag doll.

Sense 17 (noun)

relate, refer, pertain, appertain.

bear out (noun)

endorse, confirm, prove, corroborate, uphold, support, back up, substantiate.

bear up (noun)

carry on, persevere, withstand, suffer, survive, endure.

bear with (noun)

put up with, tolerate, suffer, endure.

mammal (noun)

gopher, camelopard, Lynx, jackal, lemming, goat, stoat, otter, alpaca, burro, caribou, hedgehog, gnu, zebra, echidna, chinchilla, puma, hamster, polecat, wallaby, wombat, antelope, mongoose, rat, ferret, hyena, hare, coyote, panther, dingo, sable, platypus, sloth, bobcat, shrew, leopard, llama, beaver, hog, ocelot, cheetah, skunk, camel, giraffe, pig, dog, arctic fox, wolf, dromedary, porcupine, sheep, marmot, ermine, koala, moose, kangaroo, stag, opossum, chipmunk, lion, raccoon, elephant, swine, rhinoceros, weasel, horse, donkey, tiger, bison, cat, mole, ox, possum, mouse, buffalo, squirrel, panda, jaguar, reindeer, deer, hippopotamus, cow, fox, mink, cougar, gazelle, cavy, ibex, mule, yak, rabbit, elk.

creation (verb)

turn out.

endure (verb)

experience, abide, permit, brook, stomach, put up with, undergo, allow, suffer, admit, tolerate.

give birth (verb)

generate, breed, invent, yield, provide, produce, make, develop, bring forth.

head (verb)

vector, fix, head, steer, aim.

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