Pronunciation of Related
/ɹɪlˈe͡ɪtɪd/, /ɹɪlˈe‍ɪtɪd/, /ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈeɪ_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for related:

dissimilar, unrelated, misrelated, unalike, different, unlike.

Synonyms for related:

Sense 1

clannish, Told, thereof, correspondingly, therewith, Explained, integral, inextricably, inextricable, applied, interrelated, hand in hand, built-in, thereto, Leagued, interdependent.

Sense 2

near, connatural, twin, same, inseparable, synonymous.

Sense 3

intimate, secondary, remote.

Sense 4










Other synonyms and related words:

bound up, blood-related, correspondingly, interrelated, comparative, built-in, incidental, hand in hand, related to, cognate, same, correlate, agnate, interdependent, near, clannish, twin, remote, consanguineous, thereof, enatic, concerned, legendary, fellow, overlapping, sister, like, Compared, applied, accompanying, corresponding, side by side, Explained, agnatic, connate, concerning, brother, parenthetical, inextricable, intimate, similar, enate, inextricably, vis-a-vis, connatural, affinal, kin, integral, Leagued, regarding, Told.

all (adjective)

related to.

attached (adjective)

affixed, Annexed, accompanied, Hitched, Prefixed, attached, merged, embellished, added, joined, additional, connected, extended, subscripted, Suffixed, augmented, bound, Spliced, extra, married.

compared (adjective)

as to.

connected, accompanying (adjective)

fraternal, allied, agnate, analogous, interdependent, like, affiliated, dependent, similar, cognate, correlated, consanguine, interrelated, associated, akin, concomitant, connatural, enmeshed, pertinent, connate, relevant, germane.

distinguished (adjective)


included (adjective)

enveloped, enmeshed, included, integrated, wedded, involved, entangled, Comprised, composed, married, Encompassed, incorporated, embodied.

joined (adjective)

allied, affiliated, synergistic, joined, wedded, Spliced, Abutted, connected, bonded, attached, affixed, adjacent, consolidated, Annexed, amalgamated, merged, Adhered, wed, coupled, married, juxtaposed.

kindred (adjective)

fatherly, fraternal, brotherly, kindred, sisterly, Familiar, paternal, consanguine, akin, relative, motherly, ancestral, hereditary, maternal, agnate.

relational (adjective)

consanguine, supplemental, adjunct, affiliated, blood, correlative, relevant, associated, akin, kindred, analogous, germane, attendant, concomitant, coincident, ancillary, dependent, connected, auxiliary, pertinent.

relevant (adjective)


similar (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

clannish, Told, Explained.

Sense 2 (noun)

interdependent, connatural, synonymous, interrelated, inseparable, intimate.

connected (noun)


related (noun)

akin, side by side, incidental, associated, consanguineous, cognate, incidental to, connected, concerning, attendant, in terms of, kindred, attached, accompanying, bound up, concerned, concomitant, corresponding, germane, enatic, affiliated, kin, in regard to, fellow, correlate, correlative, similar, agnatic, allied, in relation to, affinal, consanguine, brother, regarding, connate, related to, enate, as to, vis-a-vis, correlated, with respect to, relevant, blood-related, sister, with regard to, maternal, agnate, overlapping, paternal, with reference to.

attached (verb)

bonded, merged, affixed, Spliced, bound, Hitched, Annexed, joined, Abutted, connected, married, fastened, juxtaposed, attached, stuck, wedded, Adhered, coupled, Clung.

distinguished (verb)


joined (verb)

allied, juxtaposed, affiliated, Spliced, amalgamated, Clung, Adhered, consolidated, wedded, attached, joined, connected, coupled, affixed, married, merged, Abutted, bonded, Annexed.

related (verb)

Pertained, correlated.

Usage examples for related:

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