Antonyms for consistent:

incongruous, disagreeing, unreasonable, inconsistent, irrational, heterogeneous, at odds, unsuitable, incompatible.

Synonyms for consistent:

Sense 1

infallible, identical, reasonable, reliably, reliability, arbitrary, unified, leveler, undiminished, trusty, equivalent, fit, interchangeable, fifty-fifty, solidity, twin, duplicate, mimetic, selfsame.

Sense 2

corresponding, natural, credible, another, coterminous, unfailing, single, dependable, compatible.

Sense 3

reliable, sterling, soundly, different.

Sense 4

equal, congenial, true.

Sense 30



consequent, logical.







Other synonyms and related words:

duplicatable, compatible, coterminous, unanimous, pursuant, progressively, twin, credible, consequent, conformable, leveler, fifty-fifty, unchanged, single, unfailing, agreeable, selfsame, legitimate, natural, true, reproducible, accordant, alike, self-consistent, equal, interchangeable, logical, unwavering, homogenous, congenial, identical, in agreement, in accord, tenacious, fit, corresponding, duplicable, orderly, different, concordant, relevant, another, reliable, equivalent, good, dependable, reconciled, reasonable.

agreeing, compatible (adjective)

coherent, equable, congruous, accordant, congenial, like, harmonious, consonant, agreeable.

coherent (adjective)

congruous, cohesive, integrated, lucid, coherent.

cohesive (adjective)

inseparable, conforming, cohesive, indissoluble, continuous, connected, congruous, integrated, solid, indivisible.

commensurate (adjective)

in accord.

concurrent (adjective)


constant, regular (adjective)

logical, uniform, steady, persistent, homogeneous, unchanging, undeviating, same, even, unfailing, invariable, true, dependable, unvarying.

continuous (adjective)

indefatigable, repetitive, habitual, monolithic, continuous, everlasting, homogeneous, constant, continual, gapless, robot-like, steady, straight, seamless, repeated, even, unchangeable, interminable, nonstop, regular, level, sequential, cyclical, unchanging, unremitting, unceasing, recurrent, continuing, uniform, endless, incessant, ceaseless, unvarying, coherent, consecutive, featureless, connected, unending, perennial, undying, persistent, un-intermittent, flat, monotonous, lasting, invariable, undeviating, unbroken, perpetual.

intelligible (adjective)

direct, understandable, lucid, intelligible, crisp, plain, self-explanatory, legible, comprehensible, straightforward, decipherable, perspicuous, clear, coherent.

like (adjective)


ordered (adjective)

methodical, steady, stable, normal, efficient, systematic, tight, ordered, balanced, regular, harmonious, symmetrical, arranged, uniform.

similar (adjective)

homogeneous, like.

stable (adjective)

permanent, stable, steadfast, set, firm, continuous, invariable, solid, durable, persistent, immovable, constant, changeless, steady.

unaltered (adjective)


uniform (adjective)

indistinguishable, regular, consonant, homogeneous, unbroken, same, monolithic, level, even, like, steady, unvarying, assonant, undifferentiated, uniform, seamless, invariable, alike, undeviating, equable, undiversified.

united (adjective)


gradually (adverb)


Sense 1 (noun)

compatible, interchangeable, equivalent, another, identical, different, equal.

Sense 3 (noun)

corresponding, reliable, dependable, congenial.

Sense 4 (noun)


consistent (noun)

duplicable, in agreement, coherent, consonant, pursuant, logical, in accord, homogeneous, conformable, homogenous, orderly, uniform, agreeable, reproducible, unchanging, ordered, duplicatable, accordant, reconciled, concordant, self-consistent.

Usage examples for consistent:

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