Antonyms for monolithic:

little, diversified, small.

Synonyms for monolithic:

Sense 2


Other synonyms and related words:

large, concrete, big, unvaried, massive, monumental.

continuous (adjective)

interminable, persistent, level, perpetual, habitual, unremitting, cyclical, un-intermittent, undying, consecutive, monotonous, ceaseless, continual, unbroken, nonstop, continuing, constant, unchanging, steady, unending, unvarying, repetitive, consistent, perennial, invariable, undeviating, unceasing, coherent, repeated, sequential, incessant, endless, homogeneous, even, everlasting, uniform, indefatigable, featureless, seamless, robot-like, gapless, recurrent, lasting, connected, continuous, unchangeable, straight, flat, regular.

hardened (adjective)


massive (adjective)

consistent, big, solid, uniform.

pure (adjective)

faultless, basic, fundamental, primal, foundational, nascent, irreducible, plain, indivisible, uncluttered, decent, elementary, Simon-pure, unsullied, guiltless, bare, clean, untarnished, simple, innocent, primary, formative, atomic, unadorned, untainted, undiluted, honorable, stainless, immaculate, clear, virtuous, basal, aboriginal, austere, pure, prime, purebred, elemental, undefiled, spotless, stark, essential, sinless, unblemished, white, chaste, unadulterated, angelic, blameless, unalloyed.

uniform (adjective)

homogeneous, indistinguishable, consistent, seamless, consonant, steady, alike, level, like, undifferentiated, same, undiversified, undeviating, invariable, regular, unbroken, even, unvarying, uniform, equable, assonant.

united (adjective)

intact, simple, undivided, indivisible, solid, integral, integrated, uniform, pure, united, single, atomic, holistic, complete, elemental, same, unified, congruous, homogeneous, cohesive, fundamental, coincident, congruent, irreducible, coherent, entire.

monolithic (noun)

massive, large, big, unvaried, monumental, undiversified.

Usage examples for monolithic:

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