Antonyms for elemental:


Synonyms for elemental:

Sense 1

inbuilt, indwelling, unbleached, connatural, fundamentally, stripped-down.

Sense 2

indigenous, original, untreated, bread and butter, inbred, underlying.

Sense 3

inborn, innate, primitive, congenital, constitutional, naturally.

Sense 4


Sense 6

native, raw.



Other synonyms and related words:

inborn, natural, abecedarian, rudimentary, innate, constitutional, indigenous, underlying, organic, connatural, primitive, meat and potatoes, indwelling, original, unproblematic, congenital, ultimate, native, fundamentally, inbred, beginning, introductory, stripped-down.

basic (adjective)

essential, basal, central, underlying, intrinsic, primary, inherent.

component (adjective)

fractional, ingredient, fundamental, member, fragmentary, constituent, featured, sectional, segmentary, integral, part, basic, component, factoring.

constituent (adjective)


elemental (adjective)

elementary, primitive, constituent.

elementary (adjective)

original, abecedarian, foundational, rudimentary, clear, plain, uncomplicated, introductory, meat and potatoes, beginning.

essential (adjective)

constitutional, complete, congenital, prime, inbred, innate, inborn.

fundamental (adjective)


indwelling (adjective)


innate (adjective)

natural, connatural, ingrained, indigenous.

integral (adjective)


intrinsic (adjective)

deep down, ingrained, unalienable, implicit, inwoven, inherent, integral, inseparable, central, built-in, intrinsic, fundamental, component.

pure (adjective)

essential, simple, clear, chaste, clean, atomic, aboriginal, blameless, fundamental, bare, prime, unadorned, innocent, stainless, untarnished, indivisible, formative, virtuous, untainted, austere, pure, plain, irreducible, guiltless, foundational, decent, basal, Simon-pure, white, sinless, spotless, unadulterated, uncluttered, basic, primary, primal, faultless, monolithic, undiluted, undefiled, purebred, elementary, honorable, immaculate, nascent, stark, unblemished, unsullied, unalloyed, angelic.

structural (adjective)


united (adjective)

entire, coherent, undivided, same, congruent, solid, integrated, unified, cohesive, united, irreducible, holistic, pure, uniform, fundamental, indivisible, simple, coincident, atomic, intact, monolithic, congruous, homogeneous, single, complete, integral.

Sense 1 (noun)

primitive, underlying.

Sense 2 (noun)

constitutional, connatural, inborn, innate, native, congenital, indwelling, indigenous, inbred.

elemental (noun)

simple, ultimate, natural.

Usage examples for elemental:

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