Pronunciation of Stainless
/stˈe͡ɪnləs/, /stˈe‍ɪnləs/, /s_t_ˈeɪ_n_l_ə_s/

Antonyms for stainless:

dingy, besmirched, filthy, grimy, muddy, sullied, unclean, foul, blackened, mucky, polluted, stained, soiled, blemished, dirty, tainted, grubby.

Synonyms for stainless:

Sense 2


Sense 3


Other synonyms and related words:

incorrupt, inoffensive, unmixed, fair, antiseptic, stainless steel, innoxious, uncorrupted, innocuous, sheer, continent, pristine, classical, classic, righteous, chromium steel, unvarnished, unmingled, perfect, harmless, cleanly, squeaky-clean, worthy, unpolluted, mere, unspotted.

all (adjective)

unstained, untainted, untarnished, unsullied.

clean (adjective)

refined, spotless, neat, unsoiled, Taintless, pure, unpolluted, orderly, tidy, uncontaminated, immaculate, clean, fastidious, hygienic, unstained, sanitary, unsullied, sterile, spick-and-span.

good (adjective)


innocent (adjective)

uncorrupted, untainted.

not guilty (adjective)


perfect (adjective)


pure (adjective)

decent, clean, simple, unblemished, unsullied, immaculate, innocent, chaste, primal, foundational, aboriginal, plain, pure, prime, purebred, essential, indivisible, unadorned, virtuous, basic, fundamental, primary, faultless, guiltless, nascent, clear, stark, formative, spotless, bare, undefiled, austere, elemental, elementary, sinless, untainted, blameless, unalloyed, honorable, white, uncluttered, basal, untarnished, monolithic, undiluted, atomic, angelic, irreducible, Simon-pure, unadulterated.

without a stain (adjective)

immaculate, unsullied, spotless, chaste, untainted, pure, unsoiled.

Sense 1 (noun)

antiseptic, cleanly.

Usage examples for stainless:

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