Pronunciation of Compatible
/kəmpˈatəbə͡l/, /kəmpˈatəbə‍l/, /k_ə_m_p_ˈa_t_ə_b_əl/

Antonyms for compatible:

antagonistic, unsuitable, improper, inharmonious, immiscible, incompatible.

Synonyms for compatible:

Sense 1

computerized, unrecoverable error, case-sensitive, accordant, digital, fatal, point-and-click, noncompatibility, computer-literate, nondigital, plug-and-play, fifth-generation, unintelligent, scalable, multiplatform, clickable, USERID, stand-alone, Antivirus, asynchronous, uncorrupted, low-level, down time, unformatted, nonvolatile, cross-platform, portability, wysiwyg, Executable, interactive, mouse-driven, machine readable, nonrecoverable, computerate, portable, software documentation, distributed, fit, predictive, object-oriented, multiaccess, software piracy, on-screen, Gated, computer, real time, bursty, self-correcting, consistent, backward-compatible, best-of-breed, consonant, USB.

Sense 2

high-level, intelligent, valid, intuitive, playable, compatibility, multimedia, temporary, unreadable, corresponding, concatenate, cyberwar, software, offline, invalid, computational.

Sense 3

conformable, viral.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 7


Sense 9






Other synonyms and related words:

computational, on-screen, uncorrupted, accordant, conformable, congruous, case-sensitive, clickable, unintelligent, offline, bursty, viral, low-level, intelligent, Gated, scalable, relevant, intuitive, software, amicable, kindred, corresponding, up, sympathetic, down, unreadable, fatal, matched, miscible, consonant, well-matched, distributed, nonconflicting, united, fit, interactive, congruent, consistent, frictionless, backward-compatible, Executable, object-oriented, best-of-breed, mixable, coherent, nonvolatile, unanimous, fifth-generation, computer, synonymous, temporary, computerized, possible.

agreeable (adjective)

concordant, friendly, co-operative, agreeable, harmonious, likeable, pleasant, assenting, acquiescent, consensual, fit, amiable, willing, congenial, empathetic, Capitulating, understanding.

agreeable, in harmony (adjective)

congruent, consonant, accordant, fit, consistent, congruous, congenial, sympathetic, harmonious.

Sense 2 (noun)

corresponding, consistent, active, consonant, best-of-breed, asynchronous, Antivirus, bursty, backward-compatible, clickable, case-sensitive, accordant, conformable, compatibility.

compatible (noun)

harmonious, congenial, congruous, sympathetic, well-matched, mixable, miscible.

Usage examples for compatible:

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