Pronunciation of Grim
/ɡɹˈɪm/, /ɡɹˈɪm/, /ɡ_ɹ_ˈɪ_m/

Antonyms for grim:

hopeful, placable, cheerful, encouraging, bright, unalarming, pretty, obliging, gentle, light, unsarcastic, elated, kind, pleasant.

Synonyms for grim:

Sense 1

fierce, unappealing, uncompliant, unlovable, Incompliant, unlovely, unbendable, unprepossessing, brassbound, unsightly, hulking, yucky, twee, Minging, plug-ugly, unflattering, Charmless, chi-chi.

Sense 2

lurid, stubborn, graceless, grotesque, die-hard, unattractive, sexless, sordid, homely, ruthless, unbecoming, showy, monstrous, severely.

Sense 3

horrible, tasteless, ugly, hideous.

Sense 4

horrid, iron.

Sense 6


Sense 9

look at.





Other synonyms and related words:

fateful, inglorious, inconsolable, sexless, scurvy, calamitous, murderous, bootleg, unforgiving, bad, dogged, cold, persistent, mad, unyielding, sorry, unlovely, listless, risque, ferocious, horrid, bluish, sinister, grisly, rough, shameful, horrible, drab, disgraceful, tough, minacious, unflattering, bitter, no-count, ignominious, burdensome, sordid, onerous, drear, juicy, pale, stiff, forbidding, severely, brassbound, deplorable, charnel, hopeless, distressing, profane, nauseated, macabre, Incompliant, cheerless, implacable, blueish, inhuman, muddy, begrimed, threatening, dismal, unsightly, tasteless, blue-blooded, trying, dingy, alarming, excruciating, pallid, benighted, brutal, grungy, cruel, ugly, blackened, pitch-dark, tenacious, adamantine, grievous, low, unattractive, good-for-nothing, remorseless, unappealing, fell, plain, fatal, contraband, intransigent, nauseous, grotesque, abject, ruthless, uncheerful, down, unbecoming, modest, obscure, glooming, sick, inexorable, spicy, disastrous, monstrous, unbalanced, unappeasable, hard, low-toned, crushed, erosive, regretful, sarcastic, pitch black, stubborn, aristocratic, gamey, hideous, sepulchral, low-down, savage, dirty, mordant, opprobrious, downcast, tragic, unflinching, unpleasant, lurid, unrelenting, pertinacious, fierce, racy, aristocratical, smutty, saturnine, humiliated, iron, gruesome, blasphemous, menacing, good-for-naught, lowly, hardhanded, unprepossessing, vicious, baleful, adamant, pitiful, minatory, black, unbendable, dim, naughty, ominous, ghastly, uncompliant, dispiriting, coloured, die-hard, queasy, sombre, wan, depressing, showy, ill, corrosive, determined, crazy.

all (adjective)

stern, inexorable, unappeasable, unrelenting, relentless, unforgiving.

bad (adjective)


dejected (adjective)

contemplative, dejected, dreary, morose, plaintive, pensive, heartbroken, gloomy, sad, dolorous, wistful, glum, discouraged, anxious, depressed, despondent, overcome, sullen, moody, blue, mournful, miserable, joyless, disconsolate, woeful, anguished, dispirited, despairing, lachrymose, downhearted, melancholy, disheartened.

deplorable (adjective)


depressed (adjective)

morose, low-down.

grisly (adjective)

grisly, yucky.

hopeless, horrible in manner, appearance (adjective)

grisly, scowling, bleak, morose, harsh, ghastly, forbidding, stubborn, dogged, gruesome, implacable, grumpy, ominous, ruthless, fierce, sullen, glowering, inexorable, sour, austere, unrelenting, cantankerous, relentless, glum, sinister, somber, gloomy, hideous, surly, cruel, stern, unyielding, ferocious, grouchy, severe, sulky, horrid.

pitiless (adjective)


serious (adjective)

demure, sober, grave, earnest, sedate, solemn, somber, intense, dignified.

severe (adjective)

acrimonious, exacting, severe, prudish, strait-laced, imperial, ascetic, caustic, oppressive, abrupt, obdurate, keen, strict, relentless, acerbic, acute, piquant, blunt, intolerant, astringent, rigorous, stern, unbending, meticulous, rigid, puritanical, precise, critical, frosty, brisk, basic, raw, dour, intense, inflexible, bleak, austere, spare, harsh, dry, uncompromising, brusque, stark, hard, stringent, lean, gruff, hidebound, cool, correct, demanding, disciplined, authoritarian, spartan, icy, cutting, tart, curt, stiff-necked, sharp, short, fundamental, draconian, chilly, censorious, obstinate, crisp.

sullen (adjective)

fretful, hostile, dissociable, dark, beetle-browed, grouchy, scowling, broody, long-faced, sour, noncooperative, crabby, irascible, Moping, unsociable, uncooperative, frowning, mean, petulant, surly, glowering, sulky, ungenial, cantankerous, malevolent, contrary, cynical, cross, grumpy, unfriendly.

threatening (adjective)

minacious, minatory.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

iron, brassbound, stubborn, die-hard, uncompliant, unbendable, remorseless, Incompliant.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

horrible, horrid, lurid, hideous.

Sense 6 (noun)

unattractive, monstrous, ugly, unsightly, unappealing, plain, grotesque.

grim (noun)

dispiriting, forbidding, disconsolate, cheerless, unrelenting, depressing, grisly, dark, sarcastic, gruesome, dismal, uncheerful, unforgiving, black, alarming, macabre, stern, hopeless, dour, mordant, blue, implacable, inexorable, ghastly, unpleasant, unappeasable, gloomy, relentless.

unfriendly (noun)


Usage examples for grim:

  • But the boy looked up at her with grim mouth and hard eyes. - "Frank of Freedom Hill", Samuel A. Derieux.
  • " Mrs. Vane," was the quiet, grim answer. - "Peg Woffington", Charles Reade.
  • She gazed at him with grim humour. - "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill.

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