Antonyms for nagging:


Synonyms for nagging:

Sense 1

aching, achy, afflictive, carping, smarting.

Sense 2

critical, sore, hurtful.

Sense 3


Other synonyms and related words:

afflictive, sore, aching, painful, distressing, unsettling, shrewish, hurtful, critical, troublous, troublesome, smarting, achy, ill-natured, carping, worrisome.

all (adjective)


painful (adjective)

achy, distressing, smarting, tormenting, afflictive, troublesome, aching, sore, hurtful.

Sense 1 (noun)

aching, sore, painful, smarting, hurtful, achy, afflictive.

nagging (noun)

shrewish, ill-natured.

aggravating (verb)

antagonizing, irritating, baiting, disturbing, hassling, irking, upsetting, chafing, infuriating, grating, Harassing, Harrying, inflaming, teasing, exacerbating, Envenoming, Fretting, exasperating, needling, badgering, perturbing, tormenting, aggravating, Bothering, Discomposing, Bedeviling, troubling, annoying, vexing, peeving, Enraging, pestering, Arousing, Rankling.

compelling (verb)

daunting, Dictating, pushing, driving, motivating, Inciting, obliging, Coercing, causing, Browbeating, pressing, stimulating, sparking, urging, bullying, hijacking, Bulldozing, compelling, Fomenting, stressing, propelling, goading, galvanizing, mandating, pressuring, intimidating, impelling, Dragooning.

cussing (verb)

cursing, scolding, swearing, Blaspheming, cussing.

Usage examples for nagging:

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