Pronunciation of Demanding
/dɪmˈandɪŋ/, /dɪmˈandɪŋ/, /d_ɪ_m_ˈa_n_d_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for demanding:

easy, simple, undemanding, facile.

Synonyms for demanding:

Sense 1

herculean, time-consuming, rocket science, backbreaking, hard-earned, effortful, elusive, hard-fought, fiddly, unmanageable.

Sense 2

sensitive, generous, ambitious.

Sense 3

weighty, precision, awkward.

Sense 4

narrow, unyielding, intensive, taxing.

Sense 6


Sense 18








challenging, urgent (adjective)

fussy, difficult, stringent, exacting, wearing, oppressive, hard, critical, troublesome, trying, ambitious, tough, weighty, onerous, strict, exigent, taxing, bothersome.

difficult (adjective)

thorny, arduous, cantankerous, wearisome, knotty, complicated, finicky, cumbersome, tight, hard, uphill, bothersome, rugged, troublesome, laborious, complex, formidable, toilsome, severe, tricky, taxing, strenuous, oppressive, tough, rough, trying, grinding, onerous, wearying, difficult, ticklish, stressful, fussy, burdensome, wearing, adverse, harsh, contrary.

effortful (adjective)


fastidious (adjective)

priggish, prudish, particular, critical, fussbudgety, mincing, precise, fastidious, accurate, perspicacious, dainty, rigorous, epicurean, discerning, literal, meticulous, choosy, prim, persnickety, methodical, delicate, diligent, Qualmish, squeamish, discriminating, proper, correct, hypercritical, scrupulous, finical, exacting, finicky, punctilious, picky, severe, fussy, conscientious, careful, flawless.

severe (adjective)

exacting, bleak, astringent, tart, imperial, basic, frosty, acrimonious, meticulous, icy, raw, keen, stern, cool, caustic, critical, piquant, grim, strict, obdurate, gruff, unbending, rigid, prudish, abrupt, stark, oppressive, short, authoritarian, harsh, curt, precise, disciplined, acute, cutting, dry, uncompromising, intense, hidebound, lean, inflexible, obstinate, puritanical, crisp, dour, correct, brisk, chilly, stiff-necked, spartan, blunt, spare, fundamental, draconian, strait-laced, brusque, severe, stringent, sharp, censorious, relentless, rigorous, ascetic, intolerant, acerbic, austere.

ungrateful (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

heavy, taxing, sensitive, weighty, effortful, backbreaking.

demanding (noun)

rigorous, stringent, strict, hard-to-please, exigent, tight, stern, tightened, exacting.

obliging (verb)

indulging, accommodating, obliging, favoring, Necessitating, constraining, Requiring, Needing.

requesting (verb)

questioning, inviting, wishing, pleading, Soliciting, urging, seeking, inquiring, Querying, Requesting, appealing, Petitioning, requisitioning, summoning, wanting, probing, Desiring, bidding.

Usage examples for demanding:

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