Synonyms for brilliant:

Sense 1

inquiring, pointy-headed, intuitive, owlish, lively, perceptive, beamy, jewel, pearly, Irradiant, glittery, discerning, precocious, illuminated, academic, glossy, sage, metallic, piercing, refulgent, receptive, jazzy, diamond, glassy, red hot, penetrating, glary, strong, clear-sighted, sunny, sapient, able, inquisitive, harsh, donnish, rapier, aglow, silken, agile, lambent, beautiful, Splendorous, slick, original, polished, vibrant, lucent, sparkly, learned, satiny, imaginative, reflective, razor-sharp, silky, waxy, spangled, gilded, percipient, noble, glazed.

Sense 2

brave, oily, light, apt, ablaze, flaming, distinguished, alight, readable, coming.

Sense 3

auspicious, gorgeous, benign, fortunate.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 9


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Other synonyms and related words:

glary, sapient, flamboyant, bestselling, shiny, glassy, illuminated, benign, auspicious, flaming, magnificent, swimmingly, beautiful, lively, percipient, resplendent, glittery, polished, meteoric, apt, fast, precocious, lifelike, sparkly, keen, splendid, intuitive, gem, aglow, showy, propitious, pictorial, satiny, fortunate, sheeny, jewel, gemstone, conspicuous, refulgent, sunny, penetrating, top-rated, effulgent, proud, golden, agile, ablaze, harsh, able, slick, superior, Kenspeckle, impressive, towering, fine, glazed, good, razor-sharp, bold, nimble, striking, discerning, fulgent, ringing, first class, imaginative, colourful, reflective, silken, halcyon, diamond, Sharp-witted, undimmed, remarkable, Splendorous, superb, banner, candescent, noble, Bedazzling, lucent, academic, silky, perceptive, leading, thriving, exceptional, fair, huge, famous, fantabulous, rock, silvery, owlish, excellent, distinguished, learned, hyperintelligent, sage, lethal, beamy, inquiring, alert, smart as a whip, burnished, reverberant, ultrasmart, Irradiant, original, commanding, multicolored, lambent, alight, strong, ascendant, graphic, prominent, vibrant, arresting, splendiferous, light, waxy, successful, inquisitive, bodacious, supersmart, clear-sighted, gorgeous, clear, glorious, favorable, lighted, ahead, glossy.

all (adjective)

bright, superb.

bright (adjective)

fluorescent, incandescent, sparkling, glowing, vivid, flaring, blazing, glistening, flashing, beaming, radiating, well lit, hued, luminescent, lucid, blinding, lustrous, scintillating, lucent, glinting, garish, lurid, illuminating, silvery, luminous, dazzling, phosphorescent, shimmering, glaring, gleaming, radiant, neon, bright, fiery, shining, glittering.

colorful (adjective)

stained, hued, rainbow-like, vivid, multicolored, rich, tinted, painted, spectral, High-colored, lurid, dyed, chromatic, inky, shaded, colorful, colored, full-colored, gaudy, bright-hued, intense, florid, garish.

discriminating (adjective)


effulgent (adjective)


famous, outstanding (adjective)

exceptional, excellent, magnificent, superb, prominent, glorious, splendid, distinguished.

intelligent (adjective)

knowledgeable, sharp, sophisticated, knowing, Comprehending, canny, perspicacious, capable, erudite, intellectual, intelligent, sagacious, clever, wise, bright, astute, keen, encyclopedic, brainy, worldly, genius, gifted, smart, cogent, profound.

light (adjective)

well lit.

sagacious (adjective)

genius, intellectual, intelligent, philosophic, authoritative, master, sagacious, wise, scholarly, expert, adept.

sharp (adjective)


shining, glowing in appearance (adjective)

effulgent, incandescent, ablaze, scintillating, intense, resplendent, glossy, refulgent, sparkling, dazzling, gleaming, fulgent, luminous, lustrous, lambent, bright, vivid, glittering, lucent, radiant, showy.

successful (adjective)

halcyon, banner, breakout, successful, established, Vaunted, triumphant, look back, lethal, top-rated, golden, meteoric, all-right, huge, productive, bestselling, towering, growth, big, ahead, upwardly mobile, go-go, leading, ascendant, swimmingly, undefeated, thriving, self-made, bumper, well-established, high-flying.

very intelligent (adjective)

profound, quick, ingenious, gifted, penetrating, clever, knowledgeable, quick-witted, expert, inventive, knowing, brainy, smart, genius, sharp, astute, intellectual, discerning.

Sense 2 (noun)

polished, glittery, penetrating.

Sense 3 (noun)

clear-sighted, discerning, effulgent, light, academic, lambent, lucent, Irradiant, refulgent, beamy, able.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

beautiful, Splendorous, gorgeous, proud.

Sense 6 (noun)

good, benign, fortunate, auspicious, propitious, fair, favorable.

brilliant (noun)

glorious, brainy, bright, intelligent, reverberant, colourful, vivid, ringing, splendid, superior, smart as a whip, superb, impressive, colorful, magnificent.

gemstone (noun)


illustrious (noun)


precious stone (noun)


Usage examples for brilliant:

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