Synonyms for alarm:

warning (adjective)

cautionary, threatening, advisory, warning, alerting.

Sense 1

chronometer, sundial, daunt, fearfulness, panic button, midlife crisis, clock radio, paranoia, the all clear, hook up, panic attack, stopwatch, smoke detector, scare away, qualms, smoke alarm, automate, scare into, weigh on, awe, fob watch, unease, fire alarm, foreboding, technophobia, hook into, hourglass, wristwatch, klaxon, stopclock, big ben, reconnect, car alarm, suspense, unplug, gong, smoke signal, niggle, cold feet, heebie-jeebies, jury-rig, cow, grandfather clock, Rolex, disquiet, crisis of conscience, analog, timepiece, phobia, the willies, time clock, reek, jitters, psych out, bully, traumatize, cuckoo clock, uncertainty, burglar alarm.

Sense 2

paralyze, watch, malaise, stress, fob, install, plug in, discourage, plug into, hysteria, tension, put in, alarm bell, worry, fit out, trauma, governor, spook, clock, terrorize, disconnect, horror, shake up, weigh down, oppression.

Sense 3

care, Forewarn, jangle, pressure, attach, connect, stab, wobble, conflict, wire, puzzle.

Sense 4

tone, installation, rig, rock, freak, strain, shake, admonish, chill.

Sense 5

nag, bother.

Sense 6

set up, concern.

Sense 7


Sense 9

fit, exercise, close.

Sense 10

trouble, set.

alarm bell









affright, scare away, scarify, petrify.


trumpet call.





Sense 1 (noun)

alarm bell, the all clear, buzzer, gong, tocsin, fire alarm, car alarm, burglar alarm.

Sense 2 (noun)

fob watch, clock, clock radio, cuckoo clock, chronometer, trepidation, fob, analog, big ben.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

funk, horror, cold feet, shake up, fearfulness.

Sense 5 (noun)

hook into, connect, disconnect, fit, close, ground, fit out, attach, automate.

alarm (noun)

alarum, appal, siren, bell, alarm system, flare, horn, signal, alarm clock, consternation, warning device, foghorn, appall, buoy, alert, call, whistle, horrify, beacon, semaphore, warning signal, dismay.

alarm clock (noun)

clock radio.

dismay (noun)


fear (noun)

intimidation, spinelessness, cowardice, agitation, timidity, terror, apprehension, fright, dread, anxiety, angst, funk, fear, faintheartedness.

feeling (noun)

dismay, consternation.

feeling of sudden fear (noun)

cold feet, horror, fright, panic, scare, dread, terror, strain, anxiety, tension, apprehension, consternation, unease, dismay, trepidation, stress.

tocsin (noun)


warning (noun)

threat, notice, caveat.

warning, signaling device (noun)

siren, tocsin, caution, alert, whistle, warning, call, horn, clock, buzzer, bell, signal, gong, forewarning.

alarm (verb)

dismay, startle, surprise, shock.

emotion (verb)

appal, dismay, horrify, appall.

frighten (verb)

scare, terrify, haunt, agitate, set on edge, unnerve, harrow, petrify, horrify, frighten, disturb, rattle, panic, intimidate.

upset (verb)

chill, unnerve, frighten, startle, surprise, spook, terrify, daunt.

warn (verb)

caution, threaten, advise, warn, alert.

Usage examples for alarm:

  • " But, Mrs. Godwin-" says I, in alarm. - "A Set of Rogues", Frank Barrett.
  • You give the alarm to the men about the place." - "Madge Morton's Trust", Amy D. V. Chalmers.
  • The Little Colonel looked at his white face in alarm. - "The Little Colonel", Annie Fellows Johnston.

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