Synonyms for observation:

Sense 1

cooperation, examination, give and take, comparison, two-way street, integrity, legalism, hint, knowledge, complaisance, espial, opiate, obiter dictum.

Sense 2

literature, judgment, look, opium, watch, comment.

Sense 3

heed, cognizance.

Sense 5


Sense 15




Other synonyms and related words:

comparison, advertency, espial, observance, hint, card, mirror image, heed, watch, contemplation, bill, cognizance, posting, eye, sentence, advertence, honoring, literature, adherence, note, rumination, reflectivity, consciousness, notification, ceremony, order, obiter dictum, awareness, opiate, look, thoughtfulness, judgment, placard, expression, remark, ceremonial occasion, legalism, ear, ceremonial, musing, conformity, knowledge, keeping, mark, generality, examination, poster, annotation, utterance, compliance, reflexion, conformance, obedience, comment.

Sense 2 (noun)

integrity, cooperation, give and take, complaisance, legalism.

Sense 3 (noun)

cognizance, knowledge, espial.

Sense 4 (noun)

watch, awareness.

Sense 5 (noun)

obiter dictum.

answer (noun)


attention (noun)

concentration, attentiveness, concern, notice, enrapture, caution, mindfulness, attention, fascination, entrancement, rapture, regardfulness, consideration, interest, heedfulness, immersion, alertness, watchfulness, diligence, intentness, care, scrutiny, engrossment, absorption.

attention, scrutiny (noun)

examination, information, watching, cognizance, remark, knowledge, note, inspection, mark, consideration, heedfulness, perception, notice.

comment on something scrutinized (noun)

opinion, obiter dictum, reflection, thought, utterance, annotation.

communication (noun)

reflexion, reflection.

comparison (noun)


evidence (noun)

documentation, validation, demonstration, statement, proof, counter-evidence, quotation, information, certification, exhibit, data, deposition, manifestation, determination, exemplification, indication, substantiation, illustration, specimen, attestation, fact, confirmation, support, declaration, testimony, establishment, connotation, evidence, authentication, corroboration.

idea (noun)

image, plan, ideation, conception, inspiration, notion, theory, design, supposition, opinion, perception, concept, brainstorm, inkling, thought, vision, principle, idea, reflection.

inspection (noun)

open house.

lookout (noun)


observation (noun)

reflection, observance, watching, notice, reflexion.

vision (noun)

outlook, discernment, watching, eyesight, inspection, sight, viewpoint, regarding, Witnessing, seeing.

Usage examples for observation:

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