Antonyms for silence:

sound, louden, noise, clamor.

Synonyms for silence:

Sense 1

freeze-out, quell, soundless, shackle, restrain, nonacceptance, noiseless, quietness, voice, stand between, disbar, refusal, rebuttal, interdiction, restraint, hogtie, waylay, come between, denial, wordlessness, hold on to.

Sense 2

rest, pacify, blacklist, sit on, prohibition, ban, keep out, sulk, gag, peace, deflect, prevent, keep down, monopolize, thwart, debar, hem in, hear from.

Sense 3

revolt, head off, sandbag, cut off, dismissal, hear of, veto, foil.

Sense 4

correspond, challenge, muzzle, silent, sideline.

Sense 5

maintain, disturb, resistance, rejection.

Sense 9


Sense 14


Sense 17







clam up.

Other synonyms and related words:

privateness, tranquillize, lock away, pacify, pipe down, tranquillise, dummy up, waylay, ease, be quiet, belt up, shackle, secrecy, put away, quietness, sleek over, foil, shut up, secretiveness, nowheresville, muzzle, suppress, tranquility, quiet down, blacklist, prohibition, solitude, privacy, peace, calm, soundless, restraint, sandbag, repress, restrain, rebuttal, clam up, rejection, sulk, tranquillity, relieve, serenity, repose, squelch, allay, quell, obscurity, button up, lock in, wordlessness, tranquilize, confute, revolt, noiseless, keep mum, sit on, squash, subdue, closeness, silent, shut away, placidity, dismissal, facelessness, calm down, veto, gag, resistance, interdiction, refusal, nowhere, whitewash, close up, concealment, lock, nonacceptance, keep down, lock up, rest, gloss over, quieten, hush up, monopolize, quiesce.

Sense 3 (noun)

disturb, restrain, bar, wordlessness, thwart, prevent.

Sense 4 (noun)

correspond, contact, hear from, maintain.

Sense 5 (noun)

soundless, silent, noiseless.

absence of sound, speech (noun)

speechlessness, hush, muteness, calm, dumbness, quiet, noiselessness, quietness, secrecy, sulk, still, taciturnity, stillness, lull, peace.

attribute (noun)


calm (noun)

placidity, tranquillity.

concealment (noun)


deafness (noun)

stone-deafness, deafness, deaf-mute.

dumbness (noun)

speechlessness, dumbness, voicelessness, taciturnity.

inactivity (noun)


non-resonance (noun)

dullness, deadness, flatness, non-resonance, muteness.

quiet (noun)

hush, still.

restraint (noun)


secrecy (noun)


silence (noun)

noiselessness, hush up, lull, secrecy, inaudibility, shut up, stillness, hush, still, soundlessness, secretiveness, quiet, quieten, muteness.

change (verb)

hush up, hush, quieten, still, shut up.

disprove (verb)


make or be quiet (verb)

shut up, subdue, dull, muffle, quiet down, cut off, mute, close up, suppress, sit on, squelch, clam up, quieten, quell, gag, shush, pipe down, muzzle, deaden, dummy up.

quiet (verb)

dull, quiet, deaden, turn down, still, muffle.

silence (verb)

mute, shush.

Usage examples for silence:

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