Pronunciation of Agitate
/ˈad͡ʒɪtˌe͡ɪt/, /ˈad‍ʒɪtˌe‍ɪt/, /ˈa_dʒ_ɪ_t_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for agitate:

please, pacify, soothe, tranquilize, quiet, calm, appease, lull.

Synonyms for agitate:

Sense 1

stir up trouble, overthrow, blacklist, bring down, subvert, mix, destabilize, revolt, chase, fret, sit in, riot, oust, canvass, embarrass, boycott.

Sense 2

disrupt, rebel, remove, demonstrate, hasten, defect.

Sense 3


Sense 4

march, unsettle.

Sense 7






egg on







put forward.



spin around



whip up.


turn on.

Other synonyms and related words:

whip up, shake up, embarrass, hinge on, dumbfound, reposition, boycott, wave, vex, fight down, devolve on, buck, flutter, contract, accuse, compress, fire up, chase, adjure, destabilize, exhort, crowd, heat, squeeze, annoy, put forward, load, point, fluff up, touch, get off, irritate, compact, distract, invoke, swing, riot, nonplus, revolt, ignite, level, bestir, get to, march, bandy, unhinge, instigate, bear down, tilt, run, baffle, derail, weightlift, advertise, mix, demonstrate, flap, weight-lift, joggle, struggle, advertize, blacklist, rag, worry, labour, consign, push, fret, drive out, shoot, startle, rout out, send, change over, entreat, bump around, promote, budge, totter, foment, charge up, press, switch on, wake up, force, pitch, nettle, trip, labor, reel, threshing, institutionalize, defend, brandish, puzzle, oppose, blame, commit, alarm, energise, conjure, beseech, reorganise, awaken, transfer, hasten, commove, urge on, escape from, bear on, hinge upon, hagride, thrill, canvass, wake, jiggle, rile, discuss, depend upon, shake off, chafe, file, defect, burden, iron, depend on, urge, undo, stupefy, concuss, jounce, weigh, sway, interrupt, raise, charge, trip out, bother, gravel, institutionalise, bid, flummox, reorganize, bill, stir up, rock, bewilder, discomfort, call forth, lodge, mystify, constrict, shook, fight, nark, move, contend, saddle, change, conjure up, tug, didder, subvert, incite, succuss, rebel, vibrate, call down, crusade, wobble, rise, stick, lurch, pose, unsettle, disrupt, fight back, raise up, waken, beat, force out, argue, plump up, take the field, get, judder, stir up trouble, tremble, amaze, press out, campaign, ride, tear, perplex, shift, careen, drive, appoint, switch, shock, evoke, dislodge, bring up.

Sense 1 (noun)

bring down, chase, boycott, defect, demonstrate, destabilize, blacklist.

Sense 3 (noun)

distract, unsettle.

agitate (noun)

disturb, budge, commove, excite, foment, crusade, campaign, charge, stir, vex, rouse, raise up, shake up, charge up, shift, fight, stir up, shake, push, press.

alarm (noun)


stir (noun)


agitate (verb)

palpitate, churn, twitch, fluster, disquiet, quiver, upset, stir, shiver, shake, jolt, quaver, trouble, perturb, jar, quake, shudder.

derange (verb)

disorganize, jumble, scatter, muss, disturb, dishevel, muddle, displace, ruffle, blur, toss, rumple, mislay, roughen, hash, clutter, discompose, disorder, tumble, roil, meddle, capsize, botch, swirl, ferment, derange, disarrange, mess, misplace, confuse, confound, ripple, convulse, tousle, mix up, tamper, scramble, whip, dislocate, whisk, rummage.

disturb, trouble someone (verb)

distract, get to, arouse, fluster, worry, inflame, excite, upset, stimulate, discuss, perturb, argue, turn on, move, ferment, disquiet, discompose, confuse, incite, ruffle, unhinge, trouble, alarm.

excite (verb)

exhilarate, fire, electrify, inflame, stimulate, Impassion, arouse.

frighten (verb)

harrow, threaten, panic, intimidate, haunt, alarm, rattle, petrify, set on edge, frighten, scare, unnerve, horrify, terrify.

invigorate (verb)

enliven, animate, energize, activate, rouse, enthuse, strengthen, invigorate, power, excite, revive.

shake physically (verb)

toss, concuss, rouse, disturb, rock, convulse, beat, churn, stir.

social (verb)

foment, stir up.

Usage examples for agitate:

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