Pronunciation of Bill
/bˈɪl/, /bˈɪl/, /b_ˈɪ_l/

Synonyms for bill:

Federal Reserve note

federal reserve note.

Sense 1

gizzard, debt, arrears, case law, loose change, statute of limitations, medium of exchange, price index, prohibition, outgoings, curfew, du jour, tuition, doggy bag, roman law, payable, civil law, bad debt, wait on, fixed cost, market value, funny money, cost, advertisement, service, outlay, wholesale price index, selling price, unlicensed, paper money, talon, cockscomb, owing, remission, requirement, reserve, loan, nose, right of way, price, monies, fee, hard cash, variable cost, order, repayable, encore, WPI, statute law, cover charge, postal order, conscience clause, penal code, electronic purse, cost of entry, sticker price, toll, ransom, cost cutting, BYO, Lex, dumbwaiter, feather, price tag, all-you-can-eat, opportunity cost, silver service, the judicature, cost price, cover, top dollar, common-law, market price, surcharge, criminal law, the consumer price index, civil liberties, prime cost, plumage, standing charge, Megan's Law, indirect cost, Student Loan, cellar, price point, power of attorney, executive order, loophole, DOSH, operating costs, Cost Benefit Analysis, the Freedom of Information Act, wingtip, the cost-of-living index, booth, IPR, diner, assize, cpi, new money, jurisdiction, flat rate, cost-plus, wine list, purchase price, cyberlaw, asking price, the cost of living, carrying charge, run up, bylaw, list price, legal system, moola, spot price, the retail price index, rider, storage, civil rights, star turn, dinero, poundage, expense, upkeep, invalidity, rate, unit cost, corkage, curtain call.

Sense 2

repertoire, prospectus, enroll, borrowing, provision, legislation, act, enactment, bread, hook, jurisprudence, billboard, keep, small change, justice, statute, brim, P.O., dead letter, declaration, mandible, indictment, shekel, obverse, ruff, service charge, bargain, technicality, bus, offer, finale, grand finale, quote, opener, quotation, denomination, amendment, wattle, clause, outstanding, debit.

Sense 3

interval, interest, law, value, web, proposition, liability, quill, subscription, admission, overhead, tab, finance.

Sense 4

vent, claim, comb.

Sense 5

spur, due, sketch.

Sense 6

fund, application, green, face, program, sign, material, routine.

Sense 7

tail, balance, collar.

Sense 8


Sense 11

head, wing.

Sense 12


Sense 16


Sense 29







charge, reckoning.






write up.



Other synonyms and related words:

commit, efflorescence, spear, wit, wingtip, upkeep, government note, ruff, musical note, constitution, cellar, gizzard, charge up, amount, aviator, liability, green, assize, card, enactment, broadsheet, billet, identity card, statute, amendment, wag, bus, circular, post horse, flyer, neb, outlay, cost-plus, criterion, reckoning, application, indictment, cadence, preeminence, bill poster, pinnacle, cost, visiting card, excite, bloom, moola, keep, debt, tear, circuit card, Lex, balance, dumbwaiter, flier, account statement, summit, plug in, vent, admission, banknote, advertisement, paper money, institutionalise, blossom, rider, philippic, interest, obverse, reserve, nib, postal order, placard, measuring rod, acme, nozzle, shekel, undercharge, nose, eminence, loophole, schnozzle, bank bill, apex, news report, consign, elevation, spur, calling card, finance, program, rate, honker, jurisprudence, expense, toll, feather, booth, pen nib, handbill, scorecard, wing, billhook, head, meter, charge, outgoings, point, bylaw, bar, quotation, opener, airman, ordinance, visor, buck, beak, borrowing, tirade, proposition, declaration, notification, woodpecker, line, mailing, denomination, sign, throwaway, crest, lineup, clause, tone, web, hooter, accuse, encore, face, broadside, BYO, hook, tab, shoot, blame, observance, tool, flower, snout, tithe, bill sticker, schnoz, beat, law, board, fee, annotation, batting order, claim, aeronaut, peak, interval, billboard, note of hand, mandible, justice, quantity, monies, story, federal reserve note, explanation, measurement, subscription, touchstone, act, gamin, commove, burden, poster, prime, enroll, bad debt, appoint, agitate, measure, observation, payable, curfew, diner, down, set, distinction, price, wattle, send, prohibition, circuit board, extremum, bear down, jurisdiction, short letter, hatchet, prospectus, surcharge, write up, order, snoot, vertex, crown, rouse, banker's bill, vizor, carte du jour, sketch, eyeshade, flush, heyday, notice, institutionalize, talon, due, legislation, height, top, meridian, cockscomb, brim, step, mensuration, carte, sword, notation, dick, posting, business relationship, tail, overhead, shaft, collar, all-you-can-eat, bill of fare, debit, measuring stick.

Sense 1 (noun)

bus, cellar, BYO, tab, all-you-can-eat, booth.

Sense 2 (noun)

civil law, civil rights, claim, civil liberties, paper money, case law, bylaw.

Sense 3 (noun)

expense, law, outlay, offer, cost, price, fee, rate, act.

Sense 4 (noun)

advertisement, order.

Sense 5 (noun)

balance, debt, due, declaration, bad debt, indictment, debit, liability, arrears.

Sense 7 (noun)

collar, comb, feather, down, gizzard, cockscomb.

Sense 8 (noun)

finale, material, reckoning, opener, encore, repertoire, interval, grand finale, curtain call.

Sense 9 (noun)

program, prospectus.

Sense 10 (noun)

billboard, sign.

Sense 11 (noun)

enactment, statute, Lex, legislation, assize.

account (noun)


account of charges; money owed (noun)

invoice, note, score, reckoning, debt, statement, iou, tab, check.

accusation (noun)


beak (noun)

nib, mandible, neb.

beak of animal (noun)

nib, mandible, neb.

bill (noun)

eyeshade, notice, posting, charge, vizor, banker's bill, bank note, broadsheet, broadside, handbill, note, account, billhook, peak, flier, nib, placard, beak, neb, throwaway, measure, visor, flyer, banknote, greenback, invoice, government note, poster, circular, bank bill, federal reserve note.

communication (noun)


lineup (noun)


list (noun)

digest, recount, roster, log, store, file, documentation, detail, history, summary, yearbook, sum, daybook, list, catalog, calendar, Bank book, novel, table, enumeration, recording, pad, score, notebook, Storybook, register, ledger, itemization, docket, repertory, cash book, lexicon, account, total, registry, book, schedule, count, budget, menu, check, diary, chronicle, roll, workbook, invoice, collection, index, census, annals, tally, record, album, manifest, journal, thesaurus, scrapbook, inventory, waybill, logbook, tabulate, treasury, statement, dictionary, annual, blank-book, scroll, tablet.

list; circular (noun)

inventory, flyer, schedule, roster, placard, notice, program, poster, handbill, card, advertisement.

money (noun)

funds, gross, note, gold, money order, coinage, purse, promissory note, pocket money, issue, bank note, stock, change, money, ingot, cash, assets, dollar, moolah, wad, bullion, capital, iou, spending money, worth, wherewithal, lucre, bond, receipts, wampum, scratch, draft, currency, loot, wealth, bankroll, copper, dough, sterling, nugget, wallet, greenback, income, ways and means, balance sheet, swag, fortune, coupon, petty cash, proceeds, profit, silver, net worth, treasure, pounds.

paper money (noun)


piece of legislation (noun)

measure, act, draft.

piece of paper money (noun)

buck, dollar, greenback, currency, bank note.

poster (noun)


advertise (verb)


charge money for goods, services (verb)

debit, record.

possession (verb)


Usage examples for bill:

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