Synonyms for grocery:

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Other synonyms and related words:

foodstuff, securities industry, marketplace, grocery store, food product, food market, delicatessen.

grocery (noun)

grocery store, food market, market, foodstuff.

market (noun)

establishment, bureau, convenience store, fair, chain, bazaar, department store, exchange, office, counter, stall, stock exchange, market place, shop.

store (noun)

emporium, depot, crib, hayloft, supermarket, cache, larder, accumulation, storehouse, archive, silo, cupboard, library, armory, storeroom, arsenal, cellar, commissary, store, safe, lumberyard, warehouse, bin, market, Corncrib, stockpile, repository, mart, vault, storage, bank, buttery, treasure, hoard, depository, coffer, closet, locker, granary.

store that sells food and other commodities (noun)

store, delicatessen, supermarket, market.

Usage examples for grocery:

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