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Sense 1

atomic number, conjugal visit, atomic weight, leasehold, hunger strike, network, elementary particle, blockbusting, saw, proton, molecule, towline, sublease, suction cup, single file, handcuff, mole, closing date, dragline, monomer, atomic, trinket, house-hunting, eviction, surveyor, quark, neutron, relative atomic mass, molar, nuclear, restrain, landholdings, antiparticle, neutrino, home loan, balloon mortgage, rent strike, sublet, training wheel, rubber band, leg irons, cation, tow rope, guy rope, hog-tie, building society, sidecar, title deed, rope up, owner-occupied, retainer, rack rent, property tax, fissile, kickstand, pump, open house, lashings, subatomic particle, negative equity, continuity, mortgage, closing, bridge loan, fetter, lease, handlebars, cordon, positron, free radical, leaseback, atomic mass, lightning, anion, BLING, pillion, land reform, atom, tenancy, jewellery, ion, visiting hours, painter, alpha particle, electron, savings and loan association, molecular, Gyve, impediment.

Sense 2

holder, conveyance, equity, mounting, hamper, thong, jewel, nucleus, crossbar, appraisal, bauble, shackle, completion, rope, hamstring, valence, safety belt, rent, hogtie, mudguard, particle, fetters, semicircle, manacle, halter, lifeline, part.

Sense 3

dynamo, stabilizer, service charge, appraise, cord, wedge, lunge, uncut, trammel, crocodile, novelty, saddle.

Sense 4

hobble, survey, gut, harness, close, elastic, gag, cuff, formation, truss, row.

Sense 5

do up, treasure.

Sense 6

tie up, streak, column, peg.

Sense 7

restraint, flow, carrier, circle.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 10

parade, scale.

Sense 17


Sir Ernst Boris Chain

Sir Ernst Boris chain.







Sense 1 (noun)

shackle, bracelet, necklace, leash, cable.

Sense 3 (noun)

atomic, atom, alpha particle, atomic mass, atomic weight, atomic number, streak, cation, antiparticle, anion.

Sense 6 (noun)

jewel, BLING, treasure, novelty, trinket, jewelry, jewellery, bauble.

Sense 7 (noun)

safety belt, cord, rubber band, rope, holder.

Sense 8 (noun)

wedge, do up, tie up.

Sense 9 (noun)

crossbar, kickstand, saddle, pillion, handlebars, mudguard, dynamo, carrier.

Sense 10 (noun)

leg irons, compound, conjugal visit, fetters, hunger strike.

Sense 11 (noun)

parade, ring, row, semicircle, scale, formation, circle.

Sense 12 (noun)

flow, column, file, crocodile, cordon.

chain (noun)

irons, strand, chemical chain, string, mountain range, chain of mountains, range of mountains, iron, Sir Ernst Boris chain, mountain chain, concatenation, range, chains, Ernst Boris Chain.

connected metal links; jewelry made of such links (noun)

fetter, coupling, bond, iron, manacle, link, trammel, shackle, cable, bracelet.

cord (noun)

cable, leash.

fastener (noun)

braid, hasp, seal, staple, clinch, clamp, bolt, anchor, hawser, string, cincture, nail, binding, connector, twine, catch, cinch, closure, button, fastening, hook, splice, binder, weld, mediator, zipper, suture, coupling, strap, glue, snap, cement, skewer, knitting, middleman, buckle, stitch, brad, link, agent, bond, hitch, band, paste, hinge, clip, guy, fuse, lace, tack, medium, mucilage, thread, pin, rivet, lock, cotter, bonding, latch, spike, Vinculum, fastener, tie, cleat, stay, vise, knot, belt, clasp, brace, ligament, bracket, rabbet, go-between, grapnel.

fastening (noun)


gems (noun)


group (noun)


jewelry (noun)

necklace, trinket.

market (noun)

department store, stock exchange, grocery, bazaar, supermarket, counter, market, market place, store, emporium, shop, mart, establishment, exchange, office, fair, depot, bureau, stall, warehouse, convenience store.

mountain range (noun)

mountain chain.

person (noun)

Ernst Boris Chain, Sir Ernst Boris chain.

progression (noun)


restraint (noun)

curb, shackle.

sequence (noun)

concatenation, procession, Consecutiveness, Consecution, gamut, linkage, succession, series, arrangement, train, lineage, course, consequence, progression, subsequence, sequel, legacy, line.

single file (noun)

single file.

succession, series (noun)

progression, continuity, sequence, concatenation, row, string, order, Consecution, train.

fasten (verb)

couple, sew, plait, baste, bind, zip, fasten, weave, tether, connect, knit, lash.

manacle in metal (verb)

enslave, handcuff, restrain, tie up, tether, connect, bind.

ornament (verb)


sequence (verb)

concatenate, rank, queue, align, arrange, succeed, follow, sort, sequence, array, order, progress.

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