Pass Away

Antonyms for pass away:

begin, be born.

Synonyms for pass away:

Sense 1 (noun)

starve, drown.

pass away (noun)

die, exit, decease, expire, perish, pass, go.

Sense 1

predecease, die off.

Sense 2

starve, clear up.

Sense 3

melt, drown.

Sense 5


Sense 9



kick the bucket.


die out.

kick the bucket

cash in one's chips.


take place, go past.



Other synonyms and related words:

go, leave, glide by, die out, fleet, slip by, clear, buy the farm, croak, break, kick the bucket, fail, die off, run out, elapse, peg out, slide by, snuff it, lapse, melt, slip away, pass out, choke, conk, kick off, cash in one's chips, blow over, sink, evanesce, go away, kick in, pop off, conk out, suffocate, disappear, fade, give-up the ghost.

die (verb)

decease, succumb, part, buy the farm, expire, pass, perish, fall, die, kick the bucket, croak, cash in one's chips, pass on, depart.

end (verb)

cease, close, end, accomplish, stop, complete, die, cap, pass on, decease, wrap up, expire, halt, finish, conclude, culminate, terminate, exit, finalize, checkmate.

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