Pronunciation of Consummate
/kˈɒnsəmˌe͡ɪt/, /kˈɒnsəmˌe‍ɪt/, /k_ˈɒ_n_s_ə_m_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for consummate:

imperfect, continue, inept, jackleg, mitigated.

Synonyms for consummate:

Sense 1

sleep with, lie with, have away, sleep around, suck off, bonk, sleep together, deflower, unflawed, have off, crashing, go down on, unrelieved, screw around, Indefectible.

Sense 2

mess around, outright, downright, climax, jump into, go with, whole, peerless, out-and-out.

Sense 3

definitive, unbounded, hump, all-out, unlimited, flat out, bugger.

Sense 4

knock off, make out, get around, penetrate, blooming, bang.

Sense 5


Sense 6

get up.

Sense 7

unreserved, bed.

Sense 8

come, get off, dead.

Sense 9

jump, ball.

Sense 10

flat, score, get on.

Sense 11

put out, plain.

Sense 15


Sense 18


Sense 20




absolute (adjective)

indubitable, sure, positive, perfect, complete, unconditional, definite, undeniable, conclusive, utter, unequivocal, certain, unmitigated, absolute, categorical, supreme, entire, unqualified, unrestricted.

all (adjective)

masterful, virtuoso, masterly.

all-encompassing (adjective)


complete (adjective)


completed (adjective)


perfect (adjective)

letter-perfect, impeccable, total, Taintless, whole, acme, unflawed, flawless, perfect, unalloyed, faultless, ideal, ultimate, complete, unspoiled.

positive (adjective)


successful (adjective)

champion, triumphant, successful, ascendant, fruitful, accomplished.

superior (adjective)

eminent, ascendant, senior, Headmost, controlling, king, crowning, commanding, chief, champion, signal, furthest, above, leading, better, uppermost, superior, master, supreme, choice, foremost, paramount, quintessential, A 1, elite, zenith, ruling, chosen, predominant, furthermost, maximum, most, sovereign, dominant, best, masterly.

ultimate, best (adjective)

ideal, skilled, unmitigated, positive, accomplished, unqualified, perfect, out-and-out, faultless, utter, practiced, impeccable, flawless, perfected, ripe, absolute, complete, peerless, supreme, whole, total, thoroughgoing, finished, downright.

Sense 2 (noun)

good, Indefectible, unflawed.

Sense 3 (noun)

sleep together, sheer, dead, lie with, thorough, damned, unlimited, blooming, outright, plain, total, flat, downright, all-out, unreserved, crashing, sleep with, bed, unbounded, unrelieved, out-and-out, flat out.

consummate (noun)

double-dyed, virtuoso, complete, gross, perfect, skilled, sodding, thoroughgoing, staring, utter, masterful, everlasting, masterly, arrant, unmitigated, stark, pure.

achieve, finish (verb)

ultimate, knock off, perform, conclude, accomplish, carry out, end, close, come, terminate.

complete (verb)

end, close, finish, fulfill, arrive, unify, terminate, graduate, finalize, fill, execute, culminate, conclude, accomplish, achieve, integrate.

completed (verb)


perfect (verb)

perfect, complete.

succeed (verb)

triumph, win, succeed, overcome, ascend, attain, prevail, dominate, earn, surmount.

Usage examples for consummate:

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