Pronunciation of Hump
/hˈʌmp/, /hˈʌmp/, /h_ˈʌ_m_p/

Antonyms for hump:


Synonyms for hump:

Sense 1

nodule, difficulty, scrunch, cyst, tote, polyp, piggyback.

Sense 2

nub, lug, ganglion, schlep, Nodal, stoop.

Sense 3

bow, ferry, groan, carbuncle, cart.

Sense 4

node, knob, bend.

Sense 5

shoulder, haul.

Sense 6

growth, bring.

Sense 8


Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 15


Sense 19



hummock, bump.





Other synonyms and related words:

carry, bow, careen, scoot, growth, projection, chicane, cognise, manage, slam, make out, bring, lug, height, get by, hunch over, cheat, node, have it off, get along, grapple, protuberance, knob, bend, plod, Nodal, rise, career, excrescence, cyst, lie with, beaver, carbuncle, scurry, deal, distinguish, upland, stoop, difficulty, bed, shoulder, extrusion, fly, make love, acknowledge, intumescency, bash, spang, contend, gibbosity, hummock, lift, mound, cognize, sleep with, arch, ram, retire, swelling, get laid, scuttle, hunch, experience, alp, write out, protrusion, know, irregularity, fill out, sullenness, hurtle, bang, scrunch, bolt, bump, get it on, eff, love, knot, lump, blow, have a go at it, bear, roll in the hay, make do, nub, tell apart, rustle, jut, enjoy, fare, haul, hare, groan, cut, hasten, recognize, jazz, live, be intimate, discern, bop, bonk, ferry, bulge, sock, DO, prominence, recognise, expulsion, pick out, elevation, altitude, cope, ganglion, eminence, tote, have it away, do it, neck, gibbousness, come, intumescence, strive, complete, hunch forward.

Sense 4 (noun)

haul, bear, shoulder, lift, hold, bring, carry, schlep.

Sense 5 (noun)

ganglion, cyst, nodule, carbuncle, Nodal, node, growth.

bulge (noun)

intumescence, nodule, gibbosity, projection.

hump (noun)

excrescence, make love, have intercourse, prominence, get laid, jut, hunch, get it on, be intimate, have it off, protrusion, protuberance, have it away, love, make out, have a go at it, lie with, hunch over, jazz, know, have sex, bang, hunch forward, eff, do it, extrusion, bonk, bump, bulge, gibbosity, sleep with, gibbousness, bed.

mountain (noun)

mount, hill, range, alp, sierra, peak, mountain.

protuberance (noun)

elevation, knob, mound, eminence, hummock.

swelling, projection (noun)

gibbosity, elevation, prominence, bulge, hummock, hill, hunch, bump, mound, protuberance, protrusion, eminence, excrescence, knob.

extend (verb)


motion (verb)

hunch over, hunch forward, hunch.

Usage examples for hump:

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