Antonyms for enjoy:

dislike, execrate, hate, detest, suffer, endure, lose.

Synonyms for enjoy:

Sense 1

live it up, delight in, gad, tire of, luxuriate, revel in, get off on, gallivant, lap up, drink in, gesundheit, soak in, go in for.

Sense 2

indulge, soak up.

Sense 3

gorge, greeting, enter into, boast.

Sense 4

wish, get out of, possess.

Sense 5

regard, go out, have.

Sense 6

command, hold.

Sense 8

get out, live, get into.

Sense 9


Sense 24




Sense 2 (noun)

have, hold, command, own, possess.

Sense 3 (noun)

wish, gesundheit, greeting.

Sense 5 (noun)


enjoy (noun)

love, savour, relish, delight, bask, savor, revel.

appreciate (verb)

esteem, applaud, extol, admire, honor, regard, respect, praise.

bask (verb)

luxuriate, revel, indulge.

celebrate (verb)

glorify, acclaim, carouse, praise, fete, hail, jubilate, trumpet, laud, observe, exult, memorialize, make merry, venerate, rejoice, cheer, party, salute, proclaim, celebrate, hallow, revel, inaugurate, solemnize, frolic, commemorate, honor.

delight in (verb)

get off on.

enjoy (verb)

have, retain, own, command, like, live it up, love, delight in, adore, appreciate, possess, savor, relish, boast, hold, revel in, drink in.

like (verb)

esteem, like, admire, relish, appreciate, prefer.

take pleasure in, from something (verb)


Usage examples for enjoy:

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