Antonyms for benefit:

loss, injury, obstruction, handicap, hurt, ruin, stop, block, disadvantage, nuisance, injure, harm.

Synonyms for benefit:

Sense 1

get behind, hazard pay, pickings, premium, reinsurance, deductible, unemployment compensation, broker, reach out to, insurance, protection, pass on, hand, child benefit, contributory, jump at, dole, rummage, bridgehead, surrender value, capitalize on, SSI, assisted living, insurance adjuster, incentive, virtue, guide, help out, inside track, underwrite, means test, national insurance, SSN, third party, travel insurance, good turn, repeat fees, behoove, expense account, policyholder, fundraising, loading, pilot, state benefit, severance pay, bail out, protect, child support, rummage sale, bounty, unemployment, cachet, oblige, insurer, flexible benefits, springboard, comforter, promote, enticement, perquisite, actuarial, worker's compensation, charm, secret weapon, privilege, side benefit, underwriter, rally around, bazaar, social security, golden handcuffs, drawing card, severance, adjuster, insurance policy, opportunism, combat pay, bake sale, contribute, carry through, overtime, policy, give of, healer, score off, jackpot, life insurance, health insurance, see through, sick pay, showpiece, put out, carry, indemnity, unemployment benefit, lend, product liability, FICA tax, trade on, Lloyd's, seize on, bargaining position, restorative, ally, collision damage waiver, straighten out, key-person insurance, upside, get through, odds, insured, spoils, golden goose, spoon-feed, consolation, fun run, ss, redundancy pay, opportunist, succeed, indemnify, render, company car, Managed Care, golden hello, head start, comfort, gift, insurance premium, double indemnity, jumble sale, reassurance, bells and whistles, edge, actuary, prosper.

Sense 2

option, snap up, booster, enjoy, appropriation, payoff, flow-on, royalty, sake, indulgence, trump card, mileage, value, flag day, enjoyment, enchantment, seduction, profit from, give, carrier, acquisition, expense, lie with, reward, perk, cutting-edge, convenience, adjustment, retainer, exploit, fundraiser, green card, assurance, insure, kindness, get off, beneficiary, double time, fringe benefit, carnival.

Sense 3

mutual, milk, operate, excess, jumble, social, ornament, comprehensive, distinction, positive, coverage, glory.

Sense 4

boost, card.

Sense 5

margin, plus, make of, grasp.

Sense 6

fair, cover, tip.

Sense 8

grace, account, walk.

Sense 9


Sense 26
















Other synonyms and related words:

clear, get, opportunist, abuse, bring in, emolument, adjuster, pyramid, turn a profit, capitalize, indulgence, realize, bounty, assurance, fundraising, gain ground, option, welfare, get ahead, rummage, gather, well-being, derive, social security, coverage, fundraiser, earn, adjustment, jackpot, protect, wellbeing, contributory, grasp, exploit, interest, ally, succeed, milk, unemployment, expediency, margin, bazaar, perquisite, dole, fair, consolation, tip, actuarial, perk, kindness, ornament, premium, comfort, healer, social, mutual, favour, advance, virtue, prosper, behalf, plus, protection, benignity, indemnify, value, godsend, edge, walk, make, upside, promote, policy, oblige, booster, receipts, give, serviceableness, bail out, eudaemonia, boost, pull ahead, overtime, reward, appropriation, spoils, comforter, sake, grace, asset, win, felicity, realise, reach, carrier, attain, convenience, put on, arrive at, good turn, severance, reassurance, do good, render, acquire, seduction, manna, carnival, enjoyment, enjoy, upbeat, pickings, enticement, social welfare, operate, gift, HIT, compensation, account, benediction, mileage, insured, acquisition, contribute, privilege, make headway, card.

Sense 1 (noun)

get through, give, get behind, guide, help out.

Sense 2 (noun)

adjuster, actuary, assurance, collision damage waiver, broker, actuarial, contributory, comprehensive, carrier, interest.

Sense 3 (noun)

incentive, privilege, virtue, trump card, account, edge.

Sense 4 (noun)

good turn, dole, grace, child benefit, indulgence, child support, social security, means test, kindness, assisted living.

Sense 5 (noun)

flag day, fundraiser, bake sale, fundraising, bazaar, carnival.

Sense 6 (noun)

flow-on, company car, double time, flexible benefits, expense account, combat pay, commission.

Sense 7 (noun)

get, grasp, jump at, exploit.

advantage, profit (noun)

avail, interest, account, gain, boon, perk, assistance, benediction, welfare, blessing, aid, good, godsend, asset, help, favor, prosperity, profit.

aid (noun)

endowment, sustenance, ministration, assistance, attendant, motivation, relief, service, agency, Mothering, encouragement.

assist (noun)


attribute (noun)


benefit (noun)

do good, profit, furtherance, prosperity, gain, good, improvement, advantage, progress, welfare, promotion, boon, success, bonus, blessing.

compensation (noun)


event to raise money (noun)

bazaar, fair.

goodness (noun)

fineness, excellence, goodness, Splendidness, niceness, benignity, worthiness, praiseworthiness, pleasantness, Laudability.

prosperity (noun)


serviceableness (noun)


utility (noun)

fittingness, usefulness, practicality, facilitation, advantageousness, utility, instrumentality, serviceability, merit, functionality, appropriateness, helpfulness, suitability.

aid (verb)

encourage, relieve, abet, help, foster, serve, attend, endow, tend, facilitate, aid, mother, minister, assist, motivate, fund, sustain, support.

assist (verb)

back, favor, avail, succor, uphold.

help, enhance (verb)

succor, relieve, assist, serve, promote, advance, advantage.

possession (verb)

gain, profit.

suit (verb)

fit, please, suit, satisfy, become, dovetail.

Usage examples for benefit:

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