Antonyms for catastrophe:

success, fortune, luck.

Synonyms for catastrophe:

evil (adjective)


Sense 1

own goal, Natural Disaster, geohazard, state of emergency, whoops, OOPS, loss, act of god, violence.

Sense 2

accident, event, sorrow, pity.





Other synonyms and related words:

debacle, bust, apocalypse, turkey, holocaust, pity, event, mischance, denouement, clinker, damage, flop, fizzle, accident, OOPS, cataclysm, lemon, dud, frost, sorrow, clunker, whoops, undoing, fiasco, shipwreck, sequel, bomb, act of god, geohazard, washout, loser, mischief, failure.

Sense 1 (noun)

OOPS, own goal, whoops.

adversity (noun)

contretemps, trouble, casualty, calamity, misery, destitution, dolor, adversity, bane, difficulty, tragedy, disaster, torment, blight, misfortune, tribulation, distress, infliction, peril, misadventure, trial, affliction, curse, hard times, burden, rainy day, hardship, woe, bad luck, hard luck, grief, mishap, ordeal, agony, poverty, poorness.

calamity; unhappy conclusion (noun)

cataclysm, infliction, contretemps, mishap, calamity, failure, mischance, bad luck, hardship, misery, casualty, grief, adversity, debacle, trouble, misfortune, fiasco, misadventure, tragedy, trial, denouement, affliction, disaster, accident.

catastrophe (noun)

calamity, cataclysm, tragedy, disaster.

disaster (noun)

accident, debacle, fiasco, failure.

ruin (noun)

holocaust, undoing.

Usage examples for catastrophe:

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