Antonyms for form:

destroy, impropriety, demolish, raze.

Synonyms for form:

Sense 1

expedite, reel out, dean's list, configure, carve, sixth form, remain, sculpt, usher in, recline, weigh, bench, impression, hew, materialize, honor society, grace, fettle, student council, behavior, straighten, deformation, square off, level off, student government, scare up, instigate, kilter, blunt, thing, crystallize, describe, rectangle, custom, curve, teach, bring about.

Sense 2

crimp, bend, construction, bunch, beget, matrix, hasten, metamorphose, ball, kink, improvise, cutout, prove, catalyze, reshape, lead to, health, spawn, provide, arrangement, twist, evolve, erect, formation, conjure up, curl, garb, round off, justify, buckle, propel.

Sense 3

ritual, screw up, set off, smooth, sustain, spin off, person, come over, formality, flatten, work up, fitness, kick off, harmony, occasion, diamond, become, coil, smell.

Sense 4

feel, round, open up, will, grow, acquire, prompt.

Sense 5

loop, ceremony, trigger, warrant, render.

Sense 6

application, effect, taste, spur, launch, guarantee.

Sense 7

measure, send, blow.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 10

force, sound.

Sense 11

set up.

Sense 12

mean, put on, cut.


lay the foundation for.


conceive, initiate.






act upon.

make up



mode, way.


open up, usher in.


figure out.







Sense 3 (noun)

manner, mode, custom, method.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

become, feel, formality, appear, ceremony, ritual, grow, come over.

Sense 7 (noun)

curl, straighten, open up, twist, deform, bend, reshape.

Sense 8 (noun)

catalyze, set off, bring about, trigger.

Sense 11 (noun)

fitness, kilter, fettle.

Sense 12 (noun)

matrix, sixth form, student government, student council, honor society, dean's list.

accepted procedure; ceremony (noun)

formality, usage, habit, practice, way, layout, manner, ritual, etiquette, convention, custom, decorum, rule, rite, method, propriety, process, behavior.

animate body and its condition (noun)

condition, fitness, object, physique, health, build, fettle, thing, person, frame, shape.

appearance (noun)

countenance, air, mien, display, show, look, view, figure, image, aspect, spectacle, bearing, vista, demeanor, appearance.

category (noun)

line, kind, race, brand, stamp, degree, persuasion, designation, grain, classification, genus, denomination, label, series, breed, strain, step, phylum, taxonomy, ilk, stripe, species, clan, style, level, category, people, caste, variety, stock, feather, Family, kingdom, genotype.

character (noun)


clothing (noun)


condition (noun)


convention (noun)

custom, habit.

document that requires answers or information (noun)

application, chart.

form (noun)

frame, var., make, variety, class, physical body, imprint, word form, work, phase, grade, pattern, spring, organise, material body, constitute, soma, mould, features, shape, configuration, manakin, flesh, forge, organize, strain, mannequin, cast, bod, manikin, take form, variant, take shape, physique, mold, build, figure, contour, sort, signifier, kind, chassis, anatomy, mannikin, conformation, human body.

grammar (noun)

object, phrase, qualifier, conjugation, wording, predicate, formulation, language, subject, syntax, phraseology, grammar, usage.

handle (noun)


organization, arrangement (noun)

format, harmony.

outline (noun)

framework, tracing, girth, periphery, wire frame, limit, outline, skeleton, drawing, circumference, contour, delineation, sketch, silhouette, perimeter, representation, profile, border.

request (noun)


shape (noun)

construction, mode, arrangement, formation.

shape; arrangement (noun)

cast, fashion, contour, cut, construction, scheme, anatomy, silhouette, pattern, embodiment, formation, appearance, framework, conformation, profile, system, structure, mold, figure, plan, outline, configuration, mode, model, skeleton, style, design.

structure (noun)


texture (noun)


type, kind (noun)

class, guise, rank, species, order, arrangement, grade, variety, sort, make, stamp.

begin (verb)

develop, initiate, introduce, germinate, spring, emerge, embark, sprout, inaugurate, birth, create, commence, initialize, stem, induct, bud, originate, start, dawn, begin, undertake, conceive, hatch.

bring into existence; make, produce (verb)

create, compose, erect, work, conceive, make up, plot, contrive, set up, manufacture, develop, invent, forge, trace, establish, found, fabricate, arrange, cultivate, construct, devise, constitute, set, fix, organize, bring about.

come into being; arise (verb)

appear, settle, grow, take shape, crystallize, acquire, materialize.

compose (verb)

compile, combine, embrace, include, embody.

create (verb)

formulate, fabricate, invent, produce, generate.

educate, discipline (verb)

breed, teach.

extend (verb)


order (verb)

array, categorize, rationalize, design, arrange, grade, regulate, unify, screen, adjust, harmonize, balance, marshal, integrate, plan, classify, shape, normalize, plot, chart, cast, establish, orchestrate, place, score, compose, schematize, scheme, subordinate, rate, unsnarl, mediate, Methodize, pigeonhole, prepare, schedule, frame, rank, sort, structure, control, set, maintain, settle, support, organize, sift, class, right, type, stabilize, program, fix, devise, order, group, separate, systematize, stratify, collate.

outline (verb)

circumscribe, delineate, trace, represent, draw, draft.

produce (verb)

cultivate, execute, put forth, mother, manufacture, father.

prototype (verb)

model, prototype, imagine.

social (verb)

organise, organize.

stative (verb)

constitute, make.

structure (verb)

construct, make, constitute.

Usage examples for form:

  • He asked my pardon and said he had done bad form. - "Jewel A Chapter In Her Life", Clara Louise Burnham.
  • They haven't any form- any of 'em. - "Just So Stories", Rudyard Kipling.
  • Another is the common form " It was crying I was." - "The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays", Various.

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