Synonyms for feather:

Sense 1

gizzard, RTA, crest, unmade, folding, upholstered, foldaway, wingtip, wall-mounted, beak, fold-out, wing, queen-size, quill, talon, freestanding, cockscomb.

Sense 2

padded, ruff, wattle, badge, mandible.

Sense 3

sectional, web.

Sense 4

pullout, vent, comb.

Sense 5

description, spur.

Sense 7

bill, collar.

Sense 8

manner, nature, lot.

Sense 16





hackle, plumage.

Other synonyms and related words:

beak, flight, RTA, square, wattle, wingtip, frippery, vent, array, kidney, folding, down, cheer, genre, foldaway, bravery, description, bill, gizzard, plumage, gaiety, ruff, best, brand, freestanding, wing, comb, mood, regalia, fledge, crest, web, finery, humor, pinion, collar, sectional, spirit, padded, lot, cockscomb, feathering, quill, square up, unmade, pullout, queen-size, manner, hackle, plume, caparison, talon, fold-out, nature, temper.

Sense 1 (noun)

bill, comb, collar, cockscomb, beak, gizzard.

Sense 2 (noun)

pullout, manner, description, nature, foldaway, sectional, fold-out, padded, RTA, queen-size, freestanding, lot, folding.

animal (noun)

plumage, plume.

category (noun)

step, designation, grain, stamp, mold, ilk, type, make, denomination, level, form, phylum, order, classification, brand, kingdom, stock, Family, line, breed, label, set, rank, kind, series, degree, category, genotype, race, people, stripe, strain, caste, sort, genus, persuasion, style, species, clan, taxonomy, variety, grade, class.

feather (noun)

plume, square, feathering, fledge, plumage.

quill (noun)

down, wing, crest.

tuft of bird; plumage (noun)

down, quill, plume, pinion, crest, wing.

competition (verb)


Usage examples for feather:

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