Pronunciation of Spur
/spˈɜː/, /spˈɜː/, /s_p_ˈɜː/

Antonyms for spur:

block, stop, deterrent.

Synonyms for spur:

Sense 1

intercede, exhort, suborn, dangle, push for, heel, seduce, corral, inspire, dare, entice, reason with, prevail on, rope in, psych up, wheedle, goad on, motivate, sell on, Stimulator, urge on, incentivize, nudge, encourage, prompting, put up to, persuade, angle for, cajole, wean off, lead on, claw, poach, chivvy.

Sense 2

involve, plead, instigate, tempt, inducement, lure, fillip, draw in, stir into, foment, enforce, inspiration, provoke, rouse, incentive, stimulant, catalyst, stimulus, egg on, get around, nail down, frighten, work on, trigger, stimulation, nourishment, sell, enticement, convince.

Sense 3

impulse, impel, persuasion, start, prompt, motivation, pique, excite, lobby, galvanize, mobilize.

Sense 4

campaign, inflame, appeal, propel, encouragement.

Sense 5

commit, belt, corridor.

Sense 6

bank, bridge.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 15



incite, stimulate.









Other synonyms and related words:

catalyst, goad, sticker, vertebral column, generalized anxiety disorder, dangle, intercede, importunity, convince, nourishment, instigation, branch line, impetus, appeal, goad on, force, pricker, spur track, encourage, bridge, lead, anxiety reaction, back, egg on, spurring, prod, motivate, incitement, motivation, buttress, provoke, impulse, wheedle, start, inspiration, persuasion, poach, urging, impel, fillip, momentum, brace, bank, encouragement, stimulus, prodding, propel, incite, inspire, inflame, trigger, stimulate, pique, nudge, incentive, support, get, rachis, exhort, put up to, prevail on, claw, involve, instigate, enticement, plead, spinal column, persuade, incitation, seduce, move, prompting, urgency, commit, strip, inducement, foment, provocation, stimulant, Stimulator, prompt, urge on, entice, prickle, rouse, suborn, corridor, stimulation, enforce, mobilize, reinforcement, galvanize, boost, goading, cajole, lure, corral, motive, decay, yeast, gad, tempt, prop, work, excite, backbone.

Sense 2 (noun)

impulse, impetus, stimulant, Stimulator, stimulus, motivation, stimulation, encouragement, incentive, fillip, inducement.

Sense 3 (noun)

belt, corridor, bank, strip, bridge.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

persuasion, nourishment, prompt.

goad (noun)

encourage, impel.

incitement, stimulus (noun)

incentive, goad, catalyst, impulse, inducement, trigger, urge, impetus, stimulant, needle, motivation, incitation, motive.

needle (noun)

hook, hat pin, tack, quill, staple, harpoon, nail, thumbtack, awl, gimlet, spine, prong, pin, pike, barb, fishhook.

perforator (noun)

gouge, bit, lance, arrow, thorn, blade, spear, Perforator, stick, skewer, die, bore, puncture, auger, point, tip, needle, spike, drill, penetrator, punch, poker.

requirement (noun)


spur (noun)

goading, goad, urging, prodding, spur track, gad, spurring, branch line, spine, prod.

hasten (verb)

hustle, expedite, hurry, speed, push, urge, flurry, bustle, rush, hasten, accelerate, quicken.

incite, prompt (verb)

instigate, impel, put up to, propel, rouse, exhort, stimulate, egg on, push, prod.

Usage examples for spur:

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