Antonyms for work:

relax, entertainment, recreation, pastime, fun, idle, laze, rest.

Synonyms for work:

Sense 1

work toward, sweated labor, heavy lifting, buck for, go about, paper chase, deputize, hirer, deformation, hired hand, blunt, playfulness, reel out, labour, sculpt, antic, knuckle down, jobholding, specialize, try for, job-share, outwork, sobersided, plodder, chase down, Workwoman, uncompensated, Workingman, press for, disport, spadework, general headquarters, workingwoman, working girl, ramrod, sobersidedness, describe, begin, specialty, grind, jobholder, shirt, level off, double as, moil, straighten, frolicsomeness, embroider, bite off, zeal, grasp at, overburden, curve, sportiveness, square off, elbow grease, shoot for, donkeywork, furlough, unremunerated, dovetail, workhorse, shindy, crusade, try, hq, fag, succeed, monkeyshine, soiree, pitch in, unsalaried, diligence, waggishness, head office, forced labor, sit on or upon, recline, unrecompensed, craftsmanship, striving, friskiness, hew.

Sense 2

go at someone, prosper, errand, cope, dedication, moonlight, worker, surpass, roustabout, strive, laborer, gala, temp, businesslike, infiltrate, cover for, employer, base on, frolic, collaborate, playful, devote, rehearsal, sportive, volunteer, till, impish, bear down, no-nonsense, reshape, stint, hireling, workmanship, struggle, mine, gambol, fete, regroup, caper, slave labor, Doing, shenanigan, pull, bone, retained, metamorphose, round off, challenge, go after, hustle, home base, frisky, bunch, tug, waggish, prank, bash, gun for, curl, shindig, lark, shape up, mint, push for, employee, plaything, kink, jockey, workout, Everything, earnestness, cavort, home office, click, factory, undertaking, romp, crimp, workman, compete, drudge, marathon, hammer away at, hoof, earnest, merriment, industry, frolicsome, long haul.

Sense 3

employed, festivity, hire, voluntary, smooth, seriousness, besiege, working, venture, training, swamp, manipulate, mission, mischievous, flatten, dedicate, wade, deploy, commission, rollick, screw up, devotion, dance, grub, plod, coil, creation, composition, totality, aggregate, frisk, attempt, project, foist, insinuate, serious, holiday, headquarters, entirety, diversion.

Sense 4

concentrate, bureau, plant, overload, game, write, hop, rehearse, war, while, blitz, buckle, make of, strain, mill, unpaid, affair, blowout, barrage, chase, office, manage, open up.

Sense 5

cram, loop, attack, arch, foot, art, joke, assignment, sport, duck, roll, title, round, total, occupy, racket, application, take off, cut in.

Sense 6

culture, graft, turn on, worm, stretch, care, celebration, party, pursue, ball, staff, fight, apply, hand.

Sense 7

come off, blow, go for, direct, gross, tackle, sail, trick, piece, bound, blast.

Sense 8

hired, retain, pain, address, court, level, put up.

Sense 9

drive, float.

Sense 10

push, trouble, come in.

Sense 11

go up, occasion, come-on.

Sense 13


Sense 14


Sense 16

go on, thing.

Sense 18


Sense 20


Sense 21


carry out










out of work

unemployed, Workless, jobless.






break down, puzzle out.


knock oneself out, sweat blood.






craft, skill.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

elbow grease, calling, production, industry, profession, struggle, slavery, vocation, push, drudgery, attempt.

Sense 3 (noun)

product, composition, output, project, opus.

Sense 4 (noun)

sweat, fag, roll, travail, moil.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

straighten, curl, reshape, title, open up.

Sense 9 (noun)

place, creation, mill, plant, factory.

Sense 10 (noun)

craftsmanship, workmanship.

Sense 11 (noun)

try for, strive, totality, Everything, total, push for, entirety, gross, strain, aggregate, press for, try, go after.

Sense 12 (noun)

occupy, stretch, propel, besiege, drive, overload, swamp.

Sense 13 (noun)

mint, base on.

Sense 15 (noun)

take off, come off, prosper, shape up, develop.

Sense 16 (noun)

headquarters, office, hq, head office, home base, bureau, general headquarters, home office.

Sense 17 (noun)

come in.

Sense 20 (noun)

volunteer, collaborate, staff, double as, cover for.

Sense 21 (noun)

cope, go on, cut in, come-on.

achievement (noun)

opus, function, handiwork, output, handicraft, product, application, creation, deed, act, piece, oeuvre, composition.

act (noun)


body of work (noun)


book (noun)

index, chapter, textbook, record, serial, chronicle, compendium, insert, pamphlet, list, report, catalog, log, magazine, libretto, tome, novel, handbook, verse, publication, booklet, monograph, folio, brochure, tract, treatise, script, leaflet, play book, volume, manual, book.

composition (noun)


handle (noun)


labor, chore (noun)

performance, struggle, grind, job, sweat, endeavor, production, striving, stint, task, undertaking, trouble, drudgery, effort, elbow grease, push, travail, drudge, commission, exertion, moil, attempt, industry, toil, assignment.

line (noun)


occupation (noun)

craft, profession, trade, business.

product (noun)


travail (noun)


work (noun)

figure out, workplace, run, piece of work, make, work out, task, study, body of work, influence, cultivate, exercise, mold, bring, lick, oeuvre, crop, occupation, put to work, go, mould, play, knead, act, solve, forge, wreak, operate, turn, form, employment, sour, make for, effort, exploit, chore, shape, function, act upon, puzzle out, ferment, job.

act (verb)

endeavor, react, comport, move, labor, transact, execute, function, operate, perform, conduct, appear, behave, perpetrate, enterprise, act, officiate, exercise.

be employed; exert oneself (verb)

labor, drive, strain, specialize, pursue, report, knuckle down, manage, take on, strive, hustle, moonlight, try, ply, slog.

cultivate, form (verb)

make, process, knead, manipulate, dress, tend, fashion, shape, till, mold.

manipulate, operate (verb)

create, go, control, bring about, effect, cause, execute, contrive, run, direct, perform, serve, react, take, maneuver, move, behave, use, wield.

motion (verb)


serve (verb)

assist, help, serve, aid.

social (verb)


work (verb)


working (verb)


Usage examples for work:

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