Antonyms for enfranchisement:

bondage, conquest, subjection, servitude, disenfranchisement, enslavement, thralldom, slavery, subjugation, yoke.

Synonyms for enfranchisement:

Sense 1

impunity, free will, leeway, opt out, liberty, free hand, wiggle room, self-help, carte blanche, blank check, independence.

Sense 2

elbow room, autarky, free association, abolition, latitude, autonomy.

Sense 7

release, space.

political liberty


Other synonyms and related words:

documentation, credentials, freeing, freedom, corroboration, emancipation, franchise, release, ballot, liberation, certificate, manumission, vote, free will, dealership, liberty, suffrage.

attribute (noun)


authority (noun)

kingship, charge, faculty, influence, control, credential, purview, primacy, precedence, power, birthright, cogency, might, powerfulness, potency, prerogative, prestige, domination, force, sovereignty, mandate, sway, right, stature, mastery, seniority, punch, puissance, authority, steam, rank, office, command, privilege, superiority, Prepotency, title, clout, mightiness, strength.

authorization (noun)

assent, entitlement, warrant, agreement, affirmation, permission, license, designation, consent, certification, blessing, empowerment, authorization, sanction, confirmation, approval, validation, authentication, notarization, commission.

emancipation (noun)

liberation, liberty, release, independence.

empowerment (noun)


freedom (noun)

franchise, impunity, emancipation, abolition, liberty, manumission, privilege, autonomy, prerogative, sovereignty.

liberation (noun)

freeing, manumission, release, emancipation.

liberty (noun)

license, suffrage, permission, carte blanche, sanction, birthright, authorization, right.

right (noun)


Usage examples for enfranchisement:

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