Pronunciation of Release
/ɹɪlˈiːs/, /ɹɪlˈiːs/, /ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈiː_s/

Antonyms for release:

incarcerate, repress, restrain, charge, impeach, confine, suppress, retain, imprisonment, incarceration, withhold, accuse, censure, detain, hold, imprison, punish.

Synonyms for release:

Sense 1

impunity, opt out, confinement, emit, wiggle room, free will, independence, self-help, pressure, handover, rescue, leeway, resourcing, escape, tell, disburden, disposition, consignment, liberating, salvation, carte blanche, time-switch, blank check, save, toggle switch, unhitch, Unclench, free hand, master switch, infusion, muzzle, remission.

Sense 2

distribution, deed, ransom, free association, autonomy, drip feed, delivery, submission, publicity, safety catch, cashier, receipt, allotment, latitude, restitution, autarky, elbow room, transmission, remit, fast forward, safety valve.

Sense 3

equipment, unburden, bail out, circulation, record, presentation, rewind, safety, can, keep off, restoration.

Sense 4

lever, dial, console, switch, touch off, treble, provision.

Sense 5

knob, pause.

Sense 7

panel, terminate, space, shake, bounce.

Sense 8


Sense 13


Sense 14

get off.

Sense 24



let go.


parole, unchain.


force out, let out.




Disenthrall, let loose, Uncage, turn loose, manumit, freeing.


uncork, undo.




disburden, disembarrass.

spread out



stretch out.



Other synonyms and related words:

broadcast, turn loose, unclasp, acquittance, unhand, cashier, get out, turn off, emancipation, handout, lay off, departure, radiate, expel, freeing, issue, fall, publish, spare, muster out, press release, extricate, loose, rescue, let out.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

manumit, spring.

Sense 6 (noun)

broadcast, bounce, announce, cashier, proclaim, terminate, can.

Sense 7 (noun)

autonomy, independence, free will, enfranchisement, autarky.

Sense 8 (noun)

bail out.

Sense 13 (noun)

knob, dial, panel, pause, console, fast forward, lever, master switch.

Sense 15 (noun)

get off, keep off.

absolution (noun)

exculpation, pardon, amnesty, forgiveness.

acquittal (noun)

defrayal, absolution, forgiveness, discharge, amnesty, exoneration, acquittal, freedom, clearance, dismissal, exculpation, vindication, liberation, reprieve.

announcement (noun)

message, bulletin, notification, statement, communication, advertisement.

catharsis (noun)

cleansing, purification, catharsis, purge.

death (noun)

demise, rest, decease, end, passing, expiration, ending, fatality, parting, dissolution, cessation, annihilation, quietus, extinction, death.

dismissal (noun)

exemption, waiver, excuse, liberty, reprieve, pardon, license, privilege, relief, immunity, dispensation, concession, stay, permission, exception.

forgiveness (noun)

absolution, pardon.

freedom (noun)

relaxation, leisure, Freeness.

liberation (noun)

disengagement, toleration, enfranchisement, emancipation, deliverance.

news (noun)

dispatch, statement, communication, flash, report, information, gossip, news, notice, epistle, announcement, account, rumor, message, bulletin.

press release (noun)

press release.

printing (noun)


publication (noun)


relinquishment (noun)

vacation, renunciation, abdication, relinquishment, abandonment, defection, dereliction, desertion, withdrawal, Disclamation, capitulation, resignation.

riddance (noun)

disposal, dismissal, cancellation, relegation, renouncement, riddance, rejection.

absolve (verb)

relieve, vindicate, forgive, spare.

acquit (verb)

defray, liberate, absolve, clear, forgive, exonerate, vindicate, let go, acquit, exculpate, free.

announce (verb)

declare, trumpet, broadcast, divulge, reveal, promulgate, proclaim, publish, report, disclose, annunciate, advertise, tell, publicize, blazon.

cease (verb)

let up.

contact (verb)


discharge (verb)


dismiss (verb)

exempt, relieve, except, permit.

free (verb)

ease, disentangle, unleash, untie, disencumber, Disentwine, unchain, Unfetter.

liberate (verb)

emancipate, disengage, deliver, manumit, set free, turn loose, let loose.

loosen (verb)

disconnect, diverge, disarticulate, detach, unfasten, break, unbind, disjoin, disperse, loosen.

open (verb)

open, undo, expose, disclose, unseal, bare, unplug, reveal, uncork, unlock.

permit (verb)

bless, sanction, allow, authorize, consent, condone, tolerate, let, approve, concede, enfranchise.

release (verb)

exempt, extricate, absolve, unbind, exculpate, turn out, surrender, clear, excuse, unfasten, disengage, bail out, vent, liberate, unchain, loose, acquit, free, deliver, exonerate, set free, take out, unleash, emancipate, drop, turn loose, unloose, manumit, untie, Unfetter, give out, loosen, undo.

relinquish (verb)

disown, disclaim, vacate, withdraw, quit, abdicate, desert, defect, forsake, resign, surrender, abandon, give up, forgo, waive, capitulate, shed, relinquish, renounce.

slacken (verb)

loosen, free, slacken.

Usage examples for release:

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