Pronunciation of Bust
/bˈʌst/, /bˈʌst/, /b_ˈʌ_s_t/

Antonyms for bust:

fix, mend, repair, touch on, rich, winner.

Synonyms for bust:

Sense 1

identity parade, breathalyze, vigilante, Sarge, habit, guardroom, mule, fatigues, generalship, Breath Test, body search, national service, head shop, standing order, toke, bosom, pauperize, rap sheet, flashback, falsies, arrest, soldiering, shooting gallery, mess hall, pill, Withdrawal Symptoms, bounty hunter, charge sheet, cold turkey, crackhouse, water pipe, citizen's arrest, crack den, spliff, hookah, mammary, drug czar, o.d., Miranda Rights, dog tag, soldierly, standard-issue, solvent abuse, selective service, pull over, observation post, dawn raid, detention, drug abuse, drug squad, street value, go after.

Sense 2

catch up with, fingerprint, slap, fort, statement, loser, apprehend, suspected, cleavage, billet, impoverish, bankruptcy, disappointment, pickup, punch, mess, collar, detain, overdose, possession, questioning, spank, smacker, downgrade, lemon, question, bomb, track, insolvency, section eight, comedown, garrison, dismiss, tab, nick, come for, addiction.

Sense 3

caution, apprehension, pop, trap, lineup, boob, picket, trip, nab, rush, dirty, interview, cuff, whack, depression, degrade.

Sense 4

clip, station, rap, buffet, salute, pinch, withdrawal, line, spat, suspect.

Sense 5

clean, give up, fold, seizure, irregular, store, smack, crash, round up.

Sense 6

reduce, regular, blow.

Sense 7

detail, HIT, curve, post.

Sense 8

cup, seize, book.

Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 17



wallop, whop, larrup.


receiver, repo man, liquidator, official receiver.




Disrate, kick downstairs.


let out.


ruin, pauperize.



Sense 2 (noun)

clean, cold turkey, addiction, crack den, comedown, crackhouse.

Sense 4 (noun)

pop, blow.

Sense 5 (noun)

breathalyze, book, body search, bounty hunter, Breath Test.

Sense 6 (noun)

billet, generalship, fatigues, base, fort, dog tag, pauperize, detail, garrison, impoverish.

Sense 7 (noun)

cleavage, fold, cup, curve, falsies, boob, crash.

Sense 8 (noun)

downgrade, reduce, degrade.

Sense 9 (noun)

clip, spat, slap, buffet, smack, punch, whack, cuff, spank, swat.

Sense 10 (noun)

arrest, seize, nab, pinch, pick up, apprehend, collar.

arrest for illegal action (noun)

detention, apprehension, nab, raid, arrest, seizure, pickup, pinch.

bankruptcy (noun)

insolvency, liquidator, bankruptcy, official receiver, receiver, repo man.

breast (noun)


bust (noun)

wear, bout, raid, stony-broke, skint, snap, stone-broke, tear, burst, fall apart, broke, wear out, rupture, binge, poor, break, flop.

chest of human (noun)


disappointment (noun)

lemon, fiasco.

event (noun)

flop, fizzle.

failure (noun)

debacle, fiasco, failure, thrashing, miscarriage, waterloo, trouncing, downfall, Noncompletion.

representation (noun)

cast, impression, metaphor, imitation, effigy, cartoon, model, depiction, silhouette, carving, outline, drawing, pastiche, illustration, figurine, photograph, portrayal, idol, representation, replica, duplication, statue, picture, likeness, copy, image, rendering, analogy, snapshot, miniature, approximation, facsimile.

sculpture (noun)

figure, sculpt, molding, plinth, mannequin, bas relief, plaster cast, statuary, phallus, cameo, waxwork, sculptural, relief, sphinx, carve, sculpture, statuette, totem pole, bronze, pedestal, sculptured.

taking into custody (noun)


washout (noun)


arrest for illegal action (verb)

catch, collar, apprehend, pick up, detain, pull in.

change (verb)


contact (verb)


physically break (verb)

fold, rupture, burst, fracture.

ruin, impoverish (verb)

crash, pauperize, break, fail.

Usage examples for bust:

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