Pronunciation of Cuckoo
/kˈʊkuː/, /kˈʊkuː/, /k_ˈʊ_k_uː/

Antonyms for cuckoo:

bright, smart, balanced, sane, brainy, intelligent, clever, normal, lucid.

Synonyms for cuckoo:

Sense 1

brainsick, weirdo, screwball, birdsong, dotty, bonkers, Daffy, cock-a-doodle-doo, crackpot, crackers, dingbat, ding-a-ling, tu-whit tu-whoo, batty, weirdie, wasp, bananas, fruity, loco, mentally ill.

Sense 2

daft, tweet, screwy, demented, distraught, crazy, maniacal, gaga, non compos mentis, unbalanced, lunatic, nutty, cracked, loony, wacky, nuts, buggy.

Sense 3

moonstruck, disordered, shriek, unsound, song, touched, twitter.

Sense 4


Sense 5

crank, nut.

Sense 7


Sense 9

off, whistle.





Other synonyms and related words:

crazed, zany, yo-yo, touched, nuts, twitter, insane, crackbrained, brainless, screwy, fruity, mentally ill, maniacal, song, weirdo, cockeyed, lunatic, berk, nut, fathead, fatuous, unbalanced, screwball, buffoon, distraught, witless, bonkers, moonstruck, goof, loony, featherbrain, daft, ditz, cracked, softhead, twat, unsound, wacky, jerky, buggy, jack, nincompoop, preposterous, dippy, fool, sappy, rattlebrain, bughouse, Weak-minded, ding-dong, goofball, crank, certifiable, disordered, psycho, WUD, bananas, balmy, deranged, bats, unhinged, Mooncalf, puss, demented, foolish, guy, nitwit, ding-a-ling, slit, nutty, crackpot, absurd, crackers, cock-a-doodle-doo, barmy, SIMP, meshuga, clock, simpleton, madman, weirdie, scatterbrain, silly, loco, mental, wacko, tweet, wrong, kook, lunkheaded, nonsensical, non compos mentis, dingbat, cranky, gaga, Ninnyhammer, haywire, batty, nutcase, featherheaded, nit, unwise, crazy, Daffy, psychotic, asinine, half-baked, featherhead, Charlie, simpleminded, bubbleheaded, half-witted, off, cat, brainsick, birdbrain, tomfool, bedlam, bozo, Git, clown, dotty, whistle, hombre, mad.

crazy (adjective)

fool, Daffy, batty, wacky, clock, nuts, insane, silly, screwball.

insane (adjective)

gaga, crackers, loco, fruity, bananas, moonstruck.

lunatic (adjective)


Sense 3 (noun)

song, shriek, birdsong, cock-a-doodle-doo.

bird (noun)

sea gull, turtledove, teal, robin, parrot, lovebird, ostrich, kingfisher, eagle, buzzard, loon, finch, ibis, quetzal, jackdaw, bluebird, redwing, duck, heron, crested jay, waxwing, albatross, falcon, coot, penguin, lark, cardinal, squab, crane, condor, bird, dodo, swift, hummingbird, oriole, vulture, pheasant, hawk, dove, road runner, canary, sandpiper, bald eagle, harrier, bluebill, snipe, pelican, stork, peacock, jay, swan, cockatoo, pigeon, tern, rook, grosbeak, puffin, woodpecker, ringtail, songbird, horned owl, egret, osprey, cormorant, peregrine, emu, mallard, cassowary, mockingbird, nightingale, raven, gull, magpie, flamingo, bittern, redbird, owl, mourning dove, partridge, spoonbill, thrush, curlew, weaver, crow, Canada Goose, parakeet, plover, macaw, nuthatch, blackbird, grouse, chickadee, sheldrake, turkey, goose, bullfinch, sparrow, grackle, booby, barn owl, starling, wren, goldfinch, yellowbird, myna, blue jay.

cuckoo (noun)

goof, bozo, goose, fathead, zany, twat.

lunatic (noun)

madman, scatterbrain.

ululation (noun)

caw, snort, warble, bay, bellow, grunt, call, ululation, gobble, crow, twit, mew, chatter, bark, cry, bleat, quack, neigh, bray, squawk, howl, cluck, trill, squeal, whinny, honk, roar, hoot, growl, meow, yelp, moo, cackle, coo, chirp, purr, snarl, bawl.

deranged (verb)


ululate (verb)

call, caw, cry, hoot, grunt, coo, snort, cluck, bray, bark, honk, cackle, bawl, purr, yelp, squeal, warble, trill, quack, bellow, squawk, howl, neigh, meow, chirp, whinny, snarl, roar, mew, twit, bay, growl, moo, ululate, chatter, gobble, bleat.

Usage examples for cuckoo:

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