Antonyms for construction:

destruction, misconstruction.

Synonyms for construction:

Sense 1

mechanical, causality, enucleation, causation, elicitation, complementation, concord, structural, premises, organization, fortification, conjugate, engineering, ellipsis, infill, decipherment, comparison, the built environment, underpin, passivize, deep structure, surface structure, redevelop, cohesion, synthesis.

Sense 2

decline, collocate, clarification, collocation, inflect, explication, inflection, assembly, reinforce, recreation, cultivation, masonry, interpretation, clause, pointing, modify, fact, elucidation, folly, roofing, declension.

Sense 3

exegesis, assemblage, illumination, coherence, lay, explanation, monolith, illustration.

Sense 4

exposition, determination, qualify, agree with.

Sense 5

installation, reconstruction.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 15


make up




Other synonyms and related words:

collocate, determination, twisting, spin, fortification, exegesis, cultivation, synthesis, turn of events, develop, conjugate, structural, expression, recreation, bend, social organization, plait, pull, figure, bodily structure, grammatical construction, illumination, exposition, complementation, body structure, social structure, organization, masonry, winding, declension, coherence, look, causality, fact, explanation, formula, twist, reflection, clarification, texture, installation, block, interpretation, wind, twirl, infill, monolith, comparison, manifestation, braid, clause, kink, lay, reading, gimmick, redevelop, form, inflection, tress, reflexion, locution, engineering, mental synthesis, elucidation, concord, modify, complex body part, explication, elicitation, eddy, device, face, causation, format, social system, collocation, whirl, cohesion, qualify, enucleation, turn, crook, roofing, assemblage, anatomical structure, facial expression, illustration, aspect, saying, reconstruction, folly, assembly, wrench, decipherment.

Sense 1 (noun)

collocation, assembly, installation, agree with, complementation, declension, conjugate, collocate, concord, comparison, cohesion.

Sense 2 (noun)

form, assemblage, fortification, develop, masonry, format, organization, lay.

Sense 3 (noun)

exegesis, explication, elucidation, enucleation, illumination, clarification, illustration, infill, block, explanation, decipherment, exposition, the built environment, folly, interpretation.

Sense 4 (noun)

causation, determination, recreation, causality, elicitation, cultivation.

act (noun)


agreement (noun)


composition (noun)

combination, embodiment, compilation, invention, inclusion.

construction (noun)

expression, mental synthesis, twist, building, structure, grammatical construction.

creation (noun)

establishment, conception, origination.

creation, building (noun)

edifice, invention, fabric, makeup, format, architecture, composition, assembly, figure, manufacture, making, structure, arrangement, shape, origination, constitution, fabrication, conception, development, form, turn, formation.

explanation (noun)

exegesis, exposition, explication, reading, interpretation.

fabric (noun)


imagination (noun)


interpretation (noun)


preparation (noun)

equipment, development, formulation, drafting, mobilization, fabrication, preparation, fostering.

production (noun)

making, manufacture, generation, production, execution, creation, formation.

structure (noun)

constitution, fabric, building, composition, makeup, architecture, shape, structure, anatomy, edifice, arrangement, frame, texture, framework, skeleton.

Usage examples for construction:

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