Pronunciation of Retort
/ɹɪtˈɔːt/, /ɹɪtˈɔːt/, /ɹ_ɪ_t_ˈɔː_t/

Antonyms for retort:


Synonyms for retort:

Sense 1

fire back at, write back, answer back, alibi, palm off.

Sense 2


Sense 9


Sense 14



reply, talk back, answer back.


pay back, paying back.


talk back.

Other synonyms and related words:

give, counterblast, requite, restitution, restoration, takings, render, homecoming, reappearance, payoff, deliver, retrovert, flask, parry, replica, pay back, proceeds, devolve, generate, coming back, talk back, bring back, strike, recurrence, alibi, issue, rejoin, turn back, joke, recall, paying back, regress, answer back, refund, reelect, reverberation, take back, regaining, pass, return key, give back, tax return, fall, yield, income tax return, getting even, hark back, buffet, revert, repartee.

answer (noun)

counter-accusation, rejoinder, rebuttal, counter-statement, comeback, surrebuttal, acknowledgment, replication, explanation, riposte, excuse, response.

bottle (noun)


defense (noun)

aversion, moat, harbor, security, wall, protection, argument, stronghold, armor, resistance, countermeasure, barrier, fortress.

response (noun)

denial, objection, defense, reaction, justification, refutation.

retaliation (noun)

reparation, counteraction, reprisal, reciprocation, retaliation, retribution, vengeance.

retort (noun)

replication, riposte, rejoinder, repay, rejoin, come back, counter, return, comeback.

snappy answer (noun)

joke, respond, reprisal, return, riposte, response, comeback, revenge, counter, retaliation, repartee, rejoinder, reply.

answer (verb)

counter-accuse, repay, acknowledge, retaliate, echo, explain, respond, counter-reply, countercharge, counterclaim, requite, counter-state, answer, come back, expound, talk back, counter, rejoin, rebut, answer back, reply, return.

answers (verb)


communication (verb)

return, riposte, repay, come back, rejoin.

defend (verb)

barricade, ward, protect, counterattack, police, argue, resist, shelter, sustain, safeguard, guard, avert, screen, secure, support, bar, oppose, shield, uphold, fend, save, backfire, buffer, cover.

respond (verb)

deny, object, defend, react, justify, refute.

retaliate (verb)

Retribute, redress, reciprocate, return fire, counteract, revenge, avenge, repay, exchange, retaliate, counterblow, reprise.

Usage examples for retort:

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