Pronunciation of Eye
/ˈa͡ɪ/, /ˈa‍ɪ/, /ˈaɪ/

Synonyms for eye:

Sense 1

stickpin, aqueous humor, dimple, optometrist, sclera, twenty-twenty vision, forehead, chin, Percipiency, thundery, cotton reel, sleuth, drawstring, vitreous humor, bore into, sheet lightning, tie tack, tear gland, cufflink, press stud, landfall, hook and eye, brow, glower, dick, conjunctiva, goggle, Percipience, pincushion, stare down, see, visibility, pinhead, optician, double vision, velcro, tiepin, astigmatism, choroid, suspender, myopia, cornea, binocular vision, jowl, chain lightning, mien, garter, eyelash, zipper, gaze, yellow spot, ophthalmic optician, laugh lines, leer, cataract, RETINA, optic nerve, perceptiveness, cummerbund, bobbin, fix with, notions, eyelid, outstare, eyelet, thimble, snap fastener, Crow's-feet, field of vision, ophthalmologist, gumshoe, thread vein, lid, eyebrow, forked lightning, fastener, Clear-sightedness, eye socket, long face, Sageness, strawberry mark, bone structure, safety pin, facial.

Sense 2

eyesight, frog, sagacity, cob, shrewdness, stare, pupil, floret, baby blues, tempestuous, orb, contemplate, acumen, point of view, frown, scowl, seeing, iris, perspicacity, standpoint, lens, fury, thunderbolt, complexion, floater, viewpoint, cheek, clasp, blind spot, countenance, detective, thunder, grimace, astuteness, discernment, hairline, eagle eye, vicious, lightning.

Sense 3

lace, peer, regard, keenness, vision, furrow, vantage, observe, sash, wink, glare, buckle, outlook, angry, lash, spear, toggle, shadow, investigator, scrutinize, squint, midst.

Sense 4

crease, zip, profile, cotton, consider, brace, look, discrimination, jaw, gape.

Sense 5

mask, wit, needle, button, expression, watch.

Sense 6

mouth, nose, lower.

Sense 7

ring, snap, field.

Sense 8

pin, thread, belt.

Sense 9

meet, stud.

Sense 10


Sense 12


Sense 13

face, light.

Sense 16


Sense 18





chew over.



Other synonyms and related words:

facial, standpoint, scrutinize, brow, behold, cummerbund, lower, gaze, thimble, sum, outstare, furrow, eyelet, midpoint, buckle, focus, feeling, conviction, nerve, needle, hub, astigmatism, discrimination, sagacity, consciousness, heed, mettle, notice, cognizance, warmheartedness, orb, zipper, center of attention, nitty-gritty, vantage, baby blues, garter, notion, ring, jaw, fondness, epicenter, eyelid, glower, mall, ear, consider, expression, meet, eyebrow, substance, inwardness, lock, belt, cufflink, chin, cotton, see, circle, tenderness, navel, goggle, snapper, glare, leer, thick, mindfulness, midst, nexus, mouth, opinion, lid, midsection, heart and soul, brace, optic nerve, point of view, vicious, peer, ticker, shadow, judgment, pin, iris, landfall, cast, shrewdness, Clear-sightedness, lash, Sageness, affection, perspicacity, warmness, affectionateness, follow, advertence, cataract, mind, fury, seat, axis, observe, Nerve Centre, wink, advertency, glance, sclera, view, look, marrow, meat, ogle, lightning, awareness, pincushion, gumshoe, pith, wit, persuasion, sleuth, hairline, drawstring, stare down, forehead, mask, belief, Percipience, face, detective, nucleus, note, nose, choroid, kernel, pore, investigator, shopping center, sash, band, zip, dick, pump, omphalos, outlook, perceive, field of vision, top, perceptiveness, observation, essence, distinguish, gist, meditate, sight, acumen, vision, crease, eyesight, seeing, plaza, discernment, shopping mall, mien, regard, bobbin, floret, lens, spunk, dimple, contemplate, pinhead, mecca, peek, locus, spirit, side, descry, spear, bosom, stare, loop, button, aspect, attention, cheek, astuteness, peep, viewpoint, RETINA, frown, eyes, lace, conjunctiva, angry, complexion, hoop, nerve center, watch, observance, pupil, grimace, core, gape, clasp, midriff, discern, notions, cob, light, verdict, cynosure, Percipiency, keenness, cornea, glimpse, optometrist, nub, scrutiny, countenance.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

discrimination, fury, landfall, chain lightning, sheet lightning, angry, forked lightning, lightning, sight.

Sense 3 (noun)

binocular vision, focus, double vision, blind spot, eagle eye, astigmatism, cataract.

Sense 4 (noun)

button, cufflink, cummerbund, buckle, see, belt, clasp, drawstring, eyelet.

Sense 5 (noun)

pincushion, seeing, pin, eyesight, pinhead, light, bobbin, vision, cotton reel, needle, thimble, cotton, notions.

Sense 6 (noun)

dimple, Clear-sightedness, astuteness, Sageness, cheek, nose, wit, crease, bone structure, perspicacity, acumen, Crow's-feet, shrewdness, keenness, Percipiency, discernment, eye socket, Percipience, brow, complexion, perceptiveness, chin, sagacity.

Sense 7 (noun)

meet, lock, glower, outstare, point of view, stare down, fix with, lower, viewpoint, bore into, leer, outlook, standpoint, vantage.

Sense 8 (noun)

floret, cob, spear, ring, loop.

Sense 9 (noun)

frown, grimace, glare, face, midst, mask, countenance, look, thick, expression, long face.

Sense 10 (noun)

gaze, sleuth, gumshoe, detective, dick, investigator.

belief (noun)

opinion, view.

body (noun)

oculus, optic.

detective (noun)

dick, peeper.

eye (noun)

eyeball, oculus, middle, peeper, optic, centre, heart, center.

judgment, opinion (noun)

persuasion, scrutiny, mind, discernment, point of view, discrimination, belief, viewpoint, eagle eye, feeling, view, conviction, watch.

keep an eye on (noun)


lookout (noun)


optical organ of an animate being (noun)

oculus, peeper, optic, eyeball.

leer (noun, verb)


gaze at, scrutinize (verb)

gape, regard, leer, consider, contemplate, ogle.

perception (verb)


Usage examples for eye:

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