Antonyms for discover:

bury, dissemble, conceal, inter, overwhelm, entomb, hide, secrete.

Synonyms for discover:

Sense 1

sniff out, get wind of, get at, retrace, come-on, credit card, extract, source, unlock, debrief, alight on, hit on, read up on, tease out, come at.

Sense 2

know, come up with, sort out, pick up on, perceive, draw out, SEE-IN.

Sense 3

blab, unclothe, surprise, hear of, identification, abstract, turn up.

Sense 4

recognition, spill, show.

Sense 5

look up.

Sense 6

register, fall on.


identify, pick up on, pick up.

come across

chance upon, light upon, happen upon.

dig up

dredge up.




make sure of.

ferret out

dig up, dig out, sniff out, smoke out, smell out, nose out.


smell out.


get wind of.

make sure



pick up.


hit onorupon.


give away, unveil.


fall upon.

Sense 1 (noun)

read up on.

Sense 2 (noun)

show, unclothe.

Sense 3 (noun)

blab, spill.

discover (noun)

hear, get word, let out, find out, learn, name, expose, chance upon, notice, get a line, fall upon, impart, chance on, strike, distinguish, attain, get wind, observe, come across, detect, identify, key out, give away, break, divulge, find, describe, reveal, disclose, come upon, let on, key, light upon, see, bring out, happen upon.

find (noun)

nose out, turn up, invent, look up, come-on, descry, ferret out, perceive, smoke out, dig out, sniff out, come up with, get wind of, hear of, track down.

cognition (verb)


creation (verb)


discover (verb)

determine, disinter, breakthrough, unmask, identify, educe, solve, find, elicit, recognize, fathom, unravel, dig up, unearth, Unriddle, detect.

find, uncover (verb)

discern, perceive, nose out, turn up, invent, learn, detect, distinguish, hear, pick up on, reveal, ascertain, come upon, unearth, look up, see, disclose, observe, recognize, smoke out, determine, locate, get wind of, realize, elicit, debunk, notice, light upon, ferret out, come across, catch, dig up, identify, spot.

learn (verb)

digest, study, understand, master, learn, absorb, comprehend, assimilate, realize, grasp, glean, read.

locate (verb)

pinpoint, spot, station, put, post, establish, locate, lay, situate, position, place, set.

pursue (verb)

track down.

reveal (verb)


uncover (verb)

disclose, expose, reveal, uncover, unveil, smoke out, unsheathe, unwrap, bare.

Usage examples for discover:

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