Pronunciation of Find
/fˈa͡ɪnd/, /fˈa‍ɪnd/, /f_ˈaɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for find:


Synonyms for find:

Sense 1

retrace, scoop up, nab, exact, tap, fall into, buy, harvest, inherit, bag, procure, debrief, bludge, assume, derive, reap, light on, hear of, reunite, land, hunt up, scrounge, hit on, tease out, secure, collect, squeeze in, Ascertainment, earn, nose out, latch onto, wrest, strike on, get together, unlock, read up on, put aside, throw together, accrue, net, stumble across, uncover, happen on, rediscover, get at, come by, cop, mooch.

Sense 2

grab, source, scoop, finesse, talent, sort out, gain, acquisition, react, answer, sniff out, come up with, finding, jewel, localize, dig out, read, take out, snag, screen.

Sense 3

gather, accept, map, abstract, haul, extract, get in, turn up.

Sense 4

score, fit in, spare.

Sense 5

look up.

Sense 6

tumble, allow, fall on.

Sense 7

run down.

Sense 8

trace, stumble.

Sense 28









line up.


chance on.


hit onorupon.



run into

bump into.


light upon, fall upon, stumble.

Other synonyms and related words:

retrace, stumble, picture, point out, find oneself, commence, scrape, keep, acknowledge, grow, spare, take on, honor, define, follow, answer, mother, palpate, find out, start out, acquire, puzzle, fall upon, comment, understand, vex, meet, dumbfound, arrest, celebrate, screen, limit, look, figure, develop, scrape up, get in, divulge, aline, come about, shape, knock, muster up, mention, encounter, produce, bewilder, light on, move up, bring, rediscover, experience, govern, procure, bump, key out, father, take place, attend, begin, allow, get hold, date, sire, look up, nab, reap, take note, predominate, dislodge, realise, aim, go, occur, mold, hap, settle, talent, incur, notice, get word, scram, bump into, engender, draw, have, take, catch out, key, muster, track down, kick downstairs, pay off, finger, describe, husking, source, hazard, respect, hunt up, go on, retrieve, influence, stick, let on, come up with, adjust, summon, give away, image, regain, queue, watch, run a risk, run across, welcome, distinguish, ensure, see, interpret, happen, square up, acquisition, cop, invent, visit, regulate, become, come up, gather, fix, dress, bag, stumble across, accept, pass off, examine, rise up, lift, dominate, smoke out, get wind, run, decree, queue up, start, dig out, insure, assume, demote, come, take a chance, sustain, break, ferret out, mark, scoop, wrest, rise, chance, beat, come by, light upon, go through, visualize, bob up, admeasure, stimulate, take care, flummox, gain, haul, nonplus, chance upon, play, derive, arrive, bring out, escort, map, inherit, earn, uprise, reign, let, see to it, construe, regard, catch, happen on, scrounge, discovery, ascertain, unwrap, baring, meet with, relegate, observe, control, buzz off, make, square off, cause, fetch, stripping, recuperate, prevail, remember, unlock, mooch, capture, project, reunite, get a line, align, call up, set about, envision, note, strike, check, land, treasure, adventure, read, materialise, convalesce, gamble, name, convey, drive, materialize, hear, secure, attain, stupefy, collect, scratch, amaze, beget, witness, let out, maintain, happen upon, chance on, pose, extract, risk, harness, contract, bring forth, jackpot, baffle, mystify, pay back, fancy, gravel, denudation, bechance, finding, rally, visualise, abstract, recover, recall, recoup, buy, jewel, obtain, sniff out, scare up, learn, go back, abide by, specify, uncovering, bugger off, arise, turn up, pass, remark, go up, Ascertainment, hold, surface, get, hit on, receive, take chances, set out, suffer, go steady, sense, net, fall out, recollect, watch over, induce, come across, run into, think, ascend, reckon, trace, strike on, uncover, assure, view, rein, perplex, befall, honour, invite, generate, feel, come upon, reclaim.

Sense 1 (noun)

uncover, read up on, acquisition, gather.

Sense 2 (noun)

derive, bump into, happen on, accept, get together, come by, gain, light on.

Sense 3 (noun)

hit on, come up with.

Sense 4 (noun)

Ascertainment, finding.

Sense 5 (noun)

put aside, squeeze in, fit in, spare, allow.

Sense 9 (noun)

track down, stumble across, map, trace, dig out.

bonanza (noun)


discovery (noun)

treasure, Ascertainment, catch, jewel, acquisition.

find (noun)

receive, line up, retrieve, recover, happen, encounter, uncovering, rule, witness, discovery, find out, obtain, notice, get hold, chance, detect, find oneself, determine, ascertain, come up, get, discover, incur, see, bump, breakthrough, feel, observe.

find out (noun)

pinpoint, unmask, acquisition, establish, get at, reveal, realize, disclose, gather, expose, catch, observe, identify, uncover, learn, note, see, discovery, discover, detect, ascertain.

achieve, win (verb)

gain, attain, procure, acquire, obtain, earn, get, meet with.

attract (verb)

drum up.

catch sight of, lay hands on (verb)

smoke out, happen upon, come across, chance upon, come up with, discover, recover, unearth, ferret out, bump into, identify, meet, spot, dig up, distinguish, pinpoint, light upon, detect, run into, recognize, expose, strike, run across, uncover, encounter, locate, scare up, notice, come upon, track down, turn up, observe.

discover (verb)

reveal, unearth, expose, discover, elicit, realize, recognize, detect, Unriddle, identify, solve, fathom, disinter, unmask, dig up, unravel, educe, breakthrough, disclose.

judge (verb)

rule, decide, resolve, judge, assess, sentence, determine, consider, pronounce, appraise, arbitrate, adjudicate, referee, mediate.

locate (verb)

set, spot, locate, station, put, situate, position, place, post, pinpoint, lay, establish.

observe (verb)

meet with.

possession (verb)

encounter, happen, bump, chance.

produce (verb)

scare up.

pursue (verb)

track down.

uncover (verb)

smoke out.

Usage examples for find:

  • No little boy could they find. - "True Stories about Cats and Dogs", Eliza Lee Follen.
  • How can I find her? - "The Secret Passage", Fergus Hume.
  • And when they find that you don't come back? - "A Dash from Diamond City", George Manville Fenn.

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