Synonyms for aspect:

Sense 1

nature, phrasal verb, overtone, complexity, situated, carriage, auxiliary verb, modal auxiliary, ingredient, the perfect tense, present participle, located, idiosyncrasy, component, subtlety, Styling, attribute, strand, character, subjunctive, past participle, principal parts, reciprocal verb, credentials, richness, bidirectional, directional, copula, class, linking verb, vibe, the passive, conjugation, infinitive, PRES, the third person, hallmark, the future perfect, bias, peculiarity, the perfect, indicative, personality, the present tense, verbal, the present perfect, the active, verb, verbally, guise, split infinitive, modal verb, rhythm, the second person, externals, aura, the past tense, the pluperfect, the imperfect, the past perfect, the preterite, visually, quintessence, landscape, detail, extent, odor, the future tense, the conditional, participle, frame of reference.

Sense 2

feature, substratum, physiognomy, texture, ring, facility, the first person, bit, characteristic, beast, fabric, vibration, outline, mood.

Sense 3

alignment, direction, factor, future, atmosphere, imperative, visage, angle, tense, superficial, modal.

Sense 4

effect, auxiliary, stamp, depth, variable, V, value.

Sense 5


Sense 6

respect, soul, interest, at, point.

Sense 7

physical, hand, present.

Sense 8

surface, way, voice, past.

Sense 9


Sense 12

light, DO.





point of view






Sense 1 (noun)

factor, peculiarity, component, feature, character, nature.

Sense 2 (noun)

direction, way, at, exposure, alignment, visage.

Sense 3 (noun)

surface, externals, Styling, effect.

Sense 4 (noun)

physiognomy, the conditional, auxiliary verb, auxiliary, conjugation, the active, the first person, DO, copula.

Sense 5 (noun)

hand, angle, light, frame of reference, regard, respect, phase.

appearance (noun)

demeanor, mien, complexion, show, bearing, display, view, image, appearance, shape, air, figure, countenance, look, spectacle, vista, form, cast.

aspect (noun)

facial expression, view, facet, panorama, scene, expression, face, look, vista, prospect.

attribute (noun)


cognition (noun)


condition (noun)


element to consider (noun)

perspective, side, hand, outlook, position, vista, direction, regard, scene, angle, view, situation, prospect, phase, feature.

perspective (noun)

frame of reference, landscape.

phase (noun)


situation (noun)

station, environment, layout, disposition, arrangement, style, condition, ambience, circumstance, situation, configuration, quality, formation, placement, state, site, modality, post, mode, property, status, spot, standing, location, scene, position.

view (noun)

regard, phase, viewpoint.

visible feature (noun)

appearance, face, bearing, expression, demeanor, air, manner, form, look, countenance, condition, facet, mien.

Usage examples for aspect:

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