Synonyms for quotation:

Sense 1

extract, example.

Sense 2

text, reading.





Other synonyms and related words:

consultation, book of facts, example, character, cite, clipping, course credit, text, character reference, credit, quotation mark, denotation, source, commendation, address, honorable mention, reference work, excerpt, credit entry, recognition, acknowledgement, inverted comma, reference book, deferred payment, extract, extension, acknowledgment, quote, point of reference, reference point.

Sense 1 (noun)

extract, excerpt.

citation (noun)

quote, excerpt, reference, price, offer.

communication (noun)

quote, citation.

evidence (noun)

deposition, confirmation, exhibit, connotation, data, declaration, determination, counter-evidence, corroboration, documentation, proof, exemplification, validation, demonstration, certification, information, testimony, fact, establishment, statement, attestation, manifestation, substantiation, evidence, indication, illustration, authentication, specimen, observation, support.

offer (noun)

bid, concession, present, overture, offer, citation, submission, issue, endowment, offering, bestowal, attempt, donation, gift, invitation, advance, approach, grant, tender, investiture, deal.

price (noun)

worth, tab, charge, price, figure, expense, levy, amount, toll, tariff, cost, damage, dearness, value, tax, premium, duty, rate, outlay.

quotation (noun)

credit, mention, quote, reference, acknowledgment, citation.

referral (noun)

reference, allusion, referral, mention, cross-reference.

Usage examples for quotation:

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