Pronunciation of Fact
/fˈakt/, /fˈakt/, /f_ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for fact:

concept, theory, fabrication, lie, fiction.

Synonyms for fact:

Sense 1

info, scoop, publication, titbit, thing, background, score, tidings, breakdown, signal, stock, practicality, technicality, the lowdown, stuff, specifics, news, findings, gleanings, rumor, buzz, bearer, intricacy, factualness, raw, the ins and outs, entry, content, common knowledge, trivia, nugget, home truths, traffic, propaganda, A to Z, whisper, the last word, tidbit, word, report, factoid, hearsay, signal-to-noise ratio, coverage, record, particularity, scrap, clue, material, result, padding, public property.

Sense 2

holy writ, phenomenon, lore, objectivity, appearance.

Sense 3


Sense 4

given, substance, intelligence, knowledge, factor.

Sense 2 (noun)

deed, phenomenon, episode, factor, case.

Sense 3 (noun)

knowledge, substance, lore, objectivity, intelligence.

Sense 6 (noun)


event; detail of action (noun)

deed, information, circumstance, episode, phenomenon, factor, data, manifestation, particular, item, occurrence.

evidence (noun)

declaration, authentication, validation, exemplification, data, demonstration, connotation, establishment, statement, testimony, information, determination, exhibit, certification, observation, attestation, substantiation, specimen, indication, corroboration, quotation, documentation, illustration, deposition, manifestation, confirmation, counter-evidence, evidence, support.

fact (noun)

detail, item, information, reality, occurrence, truth, actuality, factuality, score, factor, circumstance, certainty, info, event, deed, particular.

reality (noun)

actuality, reality, factuality.

truth (noun)

proof, rightness, veracity, honesty, absoluteness, authenticity, verity, axiom, matter-of-factness, certainty, definiteness, gospel, truth.

veracity (noun)


verifiable truth; reality (noun)

authenticity, evidence, case, certainty, intelligence, actuality, appearance, verity, gospel.

Usage examples for fact:

  • And, in fact, he did. - "The Dark Flower", John Galsworthy.
  • That was a fact, too. - "The Old Die Rich", Horace Leonard Gold.
  • In fact, she as much as said so. - "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill.

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