Antonyms for nobility:

trash, scum.

Synonyms for nobility:

Sense 1

bravery, courage, cowardice, blue blood, fortitude, upper crust, classicism, double bluff, heroics, bravado, credibility, immensity, temerity, veracity, honor system, candour, gallantry, sportsmanship, candor, derring-do, royalty, gumption, sincerity, good faith.

Sense 2

class, upper class, enormity, manhood, cojones, spunk, daring, Patriciate.

Sense 3

gentility, bulk, openness, guts, exploit.

Sense 4

transparency, spine, nerve.

Sense 5

birth, pluck, size, blood.

Sense 6

society, flower, character.

Sense 7


Sense 8




lords and ladies




Other synonyms and related words:

candour, derring-do, size, splendiferousness, classicism, brilliance, Gentlefolk, glory, enormity, immensity, gentility, society, scale, birth, magnificence, royalty, cowardice, credibility, courage, resplendence, manhood, character, spine, blood, noblesse, stupendousness, gorgeousness, exploit, sportsmanship, gentry, splendour, blue blood, Splendidness, gallantry, class, peerage, flower, splendor, Nobleness, elegance, heroics, magnanimousness, upper crust, resplendency, Patriciate, bravery, temerity, transparency, grandeur, quality.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

bravery, peerage, gallantry, royalty, pluck, courage, daring, bravado, heroics, society, nerve.

Sense 3 (noun)

flower, upper crust, upper class, quality, gentility, Patriciate, blue blood.

Sense 4 (noun)

blood, birth.

aristocracy (noun)

gentility, upper crust, Patriciate, noblesse.

bravery (noun)


class (noun)

quality, birth.

classicism (noun)

purity, elegance, class.

elegance (noun)

splendor, distinction, courtliness.

elevation (noun)


elite (noun)

flower, blue blood, aristocracy.

fame (noun)

glory, character.

gallantry (noun)

pluck, derring-do, valor, daring, courage, nerve.

gentility (noun)


maturity (noun)


nobility (noun)

royalty, lordliness, courtliness, society, peerage, virtue, Princeliness, Queenliness, Regality, grandeur, grandness, majesty, worthiness, greatness, dignity, magnanimousness, Knightliness, Kingliness, upper class, honor, magnificence, Nobleness, noblesse, aristocracy, Augustness, distinction, stature, stateliness, sovereignty, heroicalness, elite, imperialness, gentry.

respectability (noun)

fairness, virtuousness, forthrightness, worthiness, probity, saintliness, righteousness, irreproachability, blamelessness, trueness, law-abidingness, unimpeachability, morality, goodness, purity, right-mindedness, upstandingness, honor, angelicness, honesty, creditability, Estimableness, respectability.

superior (noun)

champion, leader, master, boss, president, exceller, elite, wonderwoman, sovereign, champ, paragon, superior, winner, superwoman, star, commander, prima donna, virtuoso, chief, premier, superman, prodigy, victor, prize winner.

virtue (noun)

pureness, merit, virtue, good, high-mindedness, heroism, whiteness, cleanness, ethics, faultlessness, valor, guiltlessness, decency.

Usage examples for nobility:

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