Pronunciation of Over
/ˈə͡ʊvə/, /ˈə‍ʊvə/, /ˈəʊ_v_ə/

Antonyms for over:

ongoing, unfinished.

Synonyms for over:

Sense 1

buttock, oppressor, servility, leftover, flying, absolutistic, extracurricular, commonality, raised, big brother, more, inside track, man on horseback, fanny, blue blood, ascendance, wreak, Culminating, backup, outnumber, straw boss, high hat, fundament, brownnose, bossy, higher up, cumber, tush, headman, doubly, elevated, Directorial, upwards, excess, unconscionable, TRANSCEIVER, conveyer, preeminence, paramountcy, jobholder, major, overmuch, Helotry, pleb, autarchical, ragtag and bobtail, say-so, hierarch, hirer, authoritarianism, browbeater, underpin, commandment, autarchy, leave over, EXEC, tower above, present, directive, backside, bootlick, upper crust, lumpenproletariat, martinet, plus, nethermost, administrate, uppermost, deluge, undue, peak, walkie-talkie, residual, autocratical, third estate, record-breaking, transponder, Dominative, aplenty, wellborn, bludgeon, Administrant, excessive, serfdom, vestigial, higher, tyrannous, onus, lowermost, ship-to-shore, schlep, villeinage, transporter, tyrannic, hoi polloi, undersurface, furthest, double, Roger, taskmistress, stooge, bulldozer, topmost, foreperson, Declassed, honcho, Prepotency, absolutism, farther, Preponderancy, regnant, unclaimed, monocracy, smalltime, Servileness, aerial, surplus, chieftain, apple-polish, bulldoze, upraised, forewoman, rudiment, aloft, dominating, determined, intimidator, dominance, Undermost, monocratic, climactic, domineer, strongman, mid-air, managerial, kowtow, autarchic, vertiginous, upward, commonalty, remaining, adulator, rather, hired hand.

Sense 2

masterful, patrician, noblesse, bun, tribulation, populace, subaltern, hector, baseborn, beyond, upper class, lowest, despotism, preponderant, predominate, high, executive, courtier, unwashed, obsequious, scum, cotton, bully, apple polisher, lowly, substratum, underside, overdone, upper, minion, enjoin, despotic, ascendancy, hireling, deign, basis, superior, cargo, impose, assess, commoner, Upon, exceptional, elite, envoy, prevail, enslavement, tyrannize, menial, intimidate, reign, despot, base, groundwork, overseer, predicate, chief, browbeat, totalitarianism, levy, entourage, injunction, henchman, thrall, Patriciate, preponderance, aristocracy, employee, secondary, tyranny, lesser, bullyrag, by, conduct, administrative, highborn, domination, underneath, retinue, riffraff, lordly, preponderate, behest, dominate, jurisdiction, dictatorship, midway, condescend, imperious, ruling, fawn, rabble, boss, totalitarian, high up, oversee, predominance, master, encumber, adherent, tote, slavery, reigning, throughout, domineering, impost, cow, thralldom, might, messenger, management, mandate, autocrat, highbred, freight, plebeian, blue-blooded, servitude, subordinate, subservient, courier, record, vantage, strong-arm, foreman, footing, tyrant, saddle, upper hand, partisan, rump, top-drawer, foist, crowning, junior, peremptory, grovel, necessitate, minor, dictator, slaver, dictatorial, autocracy, magisterial, underling, vouchsafe, tyrannical, controlling, worker, flatterer, official, toady, dreg, manager, authoritarian, minor league, further, intervening, push, subject, cornerstone, vulgar, too, muscle, taskmaster, inferior, employer, servile.

Sense 3

government, dominant, invoke, instrument, principal, paramount, aristocratic, thoroughbred, entail, gentry, cap, transport, gentility, inflict, enforce, runner, slavish, direct, prerogative, following, threaten, ruck, overlook, ignoble, halfway, mob, puppet, bearer, headache, commanding, officer, out, control, disciple, carrier, convey, nobility, ministerial, ground, millstone, burden, telegraph, autocratic, ham, cringe, require, lade, highest, sovereignty, clout, prescribe, dupe, press, execute, Underpinning, dictate, bulge.

Sense 4

bottom, instruct, dependent, dogmatic, found, tool, satellite, senior, steer, Exigence, collateral, bid, overbearing, yoke, posterior, dominion, affliction, tax, ordain, humble, bear, cohort, stoop, rule, sign off, trample, within, mastery, train, rear, implement, instruction, invert, administration (of an estate), bidding, noble, elder, direction, administer, involve, around, follower, patronize.

Sense 5

blood, demand, low, petty, arbitrary, dispense, exigency, small, birth, visit, command, put, need, radio, crowd, manage, load, authority, root.

Sense 6

director, seat, trash, society, good, truckle, foundation, ask, haul, flower, behind, power.

Sense 7

carry, force, weight, authoritative, leader, trial, operate, foot, bed, establish, quality, seize, grind.

Sense 8

advantage, edge, build, absolute, take, charge, word, fix.

Sense 9

catch, cross, common, tell, at.

Sense 10

bondage, mass, scramble.

Sense 11

top, drop.

Sense 12

order, play, strike.

Sense 13

in, head.

Sense 26





crosswise, across.


anew, recurrent, cyclical, ad infinitum, renewed, once more, repeated, renewal.








through, finished.









up on


Other synonyms and related words:

burden, tribulation, involve, stoop, highborn, basis, bottom, direct, cow, down, instrument, lowermost, recurrent, tyrannical, During, enforce, at, by, bossy, blood, mass, haul, taskmistress, cornerstone, bully, strike, everyplace, leftover, put, commoner, convey, dispense, predicate, throughout, unwashed, monocratic, grind, overhead, prescribe, brownnose, government, managerial, menial, farther, impost, totalitarian, paramountcy, rule, all over, Upon, again, totalitarianism, intimidator, build, foreperson, crowning, afresh, despotic, inferior, autocrat, bear, despot, dictate, dreg, lowest, monocracy, elder, satellite, bulldoze, controlling, domination, upward, foreman, Roger, bulge, record-breaking, lowly, charge, baseborn, upwards, order, groundwork, EXEC, past, low, furthest, warden, above, servitude, authoritarianism, authoritative, residual, high, bed, society, superior, Helotry, upper, behest, direction, o'er, envoy, force, higher, encumber, overmuch, blue-blooded, oversee, mastery, seize, too, anew, ordain, foist, topmost, crowd, more, assess, patronize, preponderant, domineer, peremptory, domineering, puppet, headman, concluded, mandate, undue, demand, ascendance, minion, command, determined, rather, unclaimed, messenger, excessive, de novo, aristocratic, beyond, plebeian, out, courtier, chief, double, jobholder, Declassed, run, official, fanny, upper crust, Dominative, accomplished, through, aplenty, crosswise, principal, bootlick, cap, within, midway, telegraph, highest, tote, slavish, completed, paramount, Preponderancy, high hat, ruck, dominating, employer, populace, top, preponderance, subordinate, rump, hector, autocracy, hireling, apple-polish, ship-to-shore, cross, uppermost, thrall, apple polisher, finished, Onto, once more, bun, magisterial, employee, truckle, mob, take, plus, jurisdiction, conveyer, operate, ministerial, riffraff, aloft, noblesse, left, courier, tush, junior, oppressor, enjoin, major, raised, impose, across, ruling, administrate, Amid, buttock, unconscionable, sovereignty, carrier, manage, ascendancy, consummate, Culminating, lumpenproletariat, renewal, rudiment, transport, tyrannize, strong-arm, elevated, tell, onus, Undermost, Administrant, surplus, executive, drop, follower, subservient, in, affliction, remaining, villeinage, complete, dominance, absolute, lade, excess, terminated, ended, press, up, commandment, smalltime, done, leader, underling, exceptional, bludgeon, high up, administrative, minor league, train, push, fix, Servileness, invert, cargo, officer, dominant, browbeater, around, halfway, further, vouchsafe, highbred, Exigence.

abandoned (adjective)


accomplished (adjective)

completed, ended, concluded, by, past, done, up, finished.

afresh (adjective)

once more, de novo.

in addition (adjective)

more, overmuch, beyond, remaining, surplus, too, over and above.

above (adverb)

aloft, atop, above, overhead, Up-over, higher than, over and above.

above (adverb)

atop, higher than, Up-over, over and above, above.

around (adverb)

all over.

high up (adverb)


near (adverb)


to a greater extent (adverb)


Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

high, top, higher, elevated, uppermost, superior, high up, topmost.

Sense 4 (noun)

exceptional, around, surplus, more, overmuch, too, through, excessive, throughout.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

at, During, within, in.

Sense 9 (noun)

leftover, remaining, behind, residual, unclaimed, vestigial, leave over.

Sense 11 (noun)

radio, scramble, ham, sign off, telegraph, Roger, ship-to-shore.

again (noun)

afresh, once more, again, ad infinitum, renewed, cyclical, repeated, recurrent.

beyond (noun)

past, beyond.

done (noun)

accomplished, completed, done.

over (noun)

all over, ended, complete, across, o'er, concluded, terminated, finished.

middle (preposition)


commanding (verb)


directing (verb)


remaining (verb)


Usage examples for over:

  • " Cethegus," he cried, " all is over! - "A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3)", Felix Dahn.
  • She got over it. - "Children of the Wild", Charles G. D. Roberts.
  • He was over night on the way. - "Sketches of the Covenanters", J. C. McFeeters.

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